Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 10 worst reasons to be late

Welcome to the third last week of school! Insert dramatic music. We're almost near the end of this magical rainbow, formed by our tears.

He knows.
I was on the TTC this week, contemplating how I managed to be 30 minutes late again, when I began counting the worst reasons I've had for being late. For comedic purposes I shall include my friends, who shall not be named, as inspirations.

1. I woke up on top of my alarm clock. Apparently having muffled the alarm sound with my body. Basically body smash my phone daily.

2. I left something at home and had to get it, three times, one morning.

3. I really needed to know who won on The Price is Right.

4. My TTC bus driver had a sudden coffee craving and left everyone in the bus waiting for as long as it took to beat the line. It took a while.

5. My dog hid my shoes. 
Can you be angry at that face? CAN YOU?
6. Thinking the toilet seat was down, but wasn't, and smashing your pelvic region on the porcelain rim. Then spending the next half an hour recovering from the pain. This is a true story from a friend who I'm trying desperately not to name.

7. Forgetting to wear your shoes and not noticing till almost reaching school. How my friends manage these extraordinary feats I do not know.
8. The TTC bus driver drove past you. Twice. Happened to my friend on Tuesday. Tuesday was a cold day.

9. Cattle barring your path. This is a very 'developing country' specific problem but used to be a legitimate concern for me back in the day.

10. Tim Hortons. You know the line is at least a 15-minute commitment.

If you have any stories you would like to share there is a handy dandy comment section at your service.

Hip hip old chaps and keep a stiff upper lip.

<3 Zarish


  1. hahaha this is hilarious! especially the person bruising their pelvis on the toilet. Can't believe that is real.

  2. Haha I hate it when the ttc driver has those sudden coffee cravings! I also love the opening "a magical rainbow formed by our tears". Very funny post!


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