Friday, November 18, 2011

Doodling during class

Hey Pulse Readers! It’s Raphael back for Friday’s blog. I realize that I am the only blogger that hasn’t really opened up yet to what my personality is like through my blogs. It’s my fault really, I wanted to cover what our school has to offer in terms of student life, but in doing so, I really have put my personality at the back. I have been covering study space, the campus buildings, the Attic, and recently the movies that were shot in campus. The only blog from which I had a little of my personality was the Attic, because I truly do love the Attic. (And for anyone who still wants to play me in a match, just comment below the date and time and I’ll be there!) I also realize that the history on the buildings is not really the most exciting topic either, so time to CHANGE IT UP!

Now I am going to share one of my very personal secrets that I do almost everyday in school. Before I reveal it, let me create some suspense first. Let me ask you, what makes a good university? The teacher’s right? Well that is what I am going to reveal today – for almost every class I’ve taken, I have DOODLED on my notes. Ok before all of you start going crazy with the questions, let me explain. 

Picture this: you are in a class, you see that all the seats are filled, and you are stuck looking at the clock waiting for class to end. You are bored out of your mind, tired and a little sleepy (maybe because of the commute or the early 9am class). You look up at front and see your lecturer talking, pacing and asking questions.
Now in this EXACT situation, I like to doodle in my notes. I have always liked to draw and sketch random things (and I am thinking of taking a drawing class maybe in the campus or just for fun), but I don’t just draw anything I want. I usually look around the room for something to sketch, (it can be anything from a water bottle to the podium) and my eyes usually fall on the person in front of me, THE TEACHER. It’s unavoidable, and sometimes I do it subconsciously, but I start to draw the teacher’s face. Most of my drawings are crappy (due to the lack of proper training) but I feel that it my drawings capture the essence of what the person looks like. I only draw the face, as I am not skilled enough to draw the entire body, but below are some of the doodles I do on my notes.

Okay so I am going to stop talking and just enjoy my notes.

Now this doodling just comes so naturally to me now, whenever I feel bored, or am feeling creative I just want to draw. As you can see with these pages of my notes, I just draw them on the side, and when my friend comes to ask me, "What are you doing?" I just respond, "I'm doodling." And I would show them what I would be drawing and they would either smile or laugh. Sometimes class just gets too dull, and a little drawing can really change your attitude for the whole day.

And for those of you, who do the same thing as me, please share it! I want to know if I am the only one who does this, and message me at if you want to share your sketch to the world!

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