Monday, November 14, 2011

Interhouse soccer - and why I was a huge chicken

Two years ago I received a Facebook message from a guy who goes to UTSC asking if I wanted to play interhouse soccer. He explained it was a co-ed league that played every Tuesday at the school gym.

I was reluctant to agree, but he pleaded because his team needed to recruit more girls.

[For those of you who don't know, interhouse are co-ed leagues that include sports such as soccer, cricket, volleyball, ball hockey, and basketball. The best part is, they're free and happen right here at our school. 

You have to be a U of T student or 2011 - 2012 Athletics and Recreation Centre member. To play, you can sign up as an individual or gather an all-star team of your friends. Registration begins the beginning of each semester. Visit the UTSC athletics centre for more information.]

Back to my story!

Of course, I didn't know anything about interhouse nor did I know anyone on the team very well. After much deliberation, I pulled out my indoor soccer shoes cluttered beneath my closet and told the Facebook guy i'd meet him at the gym on Tuesday.

Game day rolled around.

Even at the beginning of my second year at UTSC, I was still getting used to the campus. I wasn't fully comfortable with entering a place I didn't know much about - this included the UTSC gym.

I walked to the gym, pulled out my T-card, and past the turnstiles. I immediately heard yelling and cheering. I looked to my right, through the tiny windows of the gym doors, and saw a bunch of soccer players and fans watching intense five on five action. 

The ball was bouncing every which way, players aggressively fighting to score a goal, and fans cheering from the benches. 

I was intimidated. 

My next initial move was to enter the gym and start warming up with my team. But - I didn't.

I turned around and left.

Yes, I was a huge loser. I chickened out. 

Like many of you, I wasn't comfortable with the space or the players I didn't know.

The next day I got a message from a girl on my outdoor soccer team saying, she was on that interhouse team I was supposed to play for. I told her I was hesitant on going, but she said to come with her to the next game. 

Fast forward to next Tuesday. Going with her made me a lot more comfortable. I saw the guy who messaged me on Facebook and briefly introduced myself before he threw a pinny at me, saying it's time to warm up.

I only knew a few names on my team, but I did my best to remember.

The game was fast pace and I did my best to keep up. The majority of the league consisted of male dominated players. For this reason, any girl who scores, their goal counts as two.  So, the last couple minutes of the game my team kept passing to me - saying to go for the net and score. For my first game, I believe I held my own pretty well.

I can't remember if we won or lost, but I do recall my relief when it was over. 

I continued going to interhouse each week and got to know more soccer players at the school. I quickly learned the small community I was becoming a part of.

Becoming well-known in the UTSC soccer community, I was asked to play in indoor soccer tournaments at UTM and Humber College. It's a wonderful thing when you get involved with the school, different opportunities present themselves to you.

If you'd like to join interhouse - message me and let me know. I'd be more than happy to introduce you to players and make you part of a team.  No one wants to be the chicken who leaves before giving the game a go.

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  1. I also really love to play inter-house soccer tournaments as I believe that I'll surely win.


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