Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Check up from the neck and up

Like I promised, your dutiful Wednesday blogger E.A.P is here to talk about my appointment with the "Health and Wellness" Centre.

2 things you have to have before entering the center, 1) T-CARD and 2) Health Card. They're nice enough to let you off the first time but, it's still a big deal.

I filled out a few forms, gave them my contact info and then sat there waiting. They also give flu shots, but I wasn't so keen on getting a needle shoved up my arm.

It's always awkward when you're in a room with a stranger who knows nothing about you and you have to talk about yourself. I tried not to be nervous and awkward but what can you do?

Going into my meeting, I tried not to regret coming here and just see things through.

I talked myself into staying. I tried the best I could to talk about my struggle. The person I was talking to recommended I start off with counseling and if things don't get better, I start on medications.

I left feeling somewhat better and hopeful knowing that I'm putting effort into my health and taking advantage of the resources that are made available to me. I just don't want to front and back out last minute because I was scared. I'm not alone.

If you take away anything from this post it's this: Nothing happens in epiphany moments where you wake up and discover a solution to your problems (whatever they may be). The best you can do is put yourself on the path of recovery. I say recovery in the sense that you are taking steps necessary to solve/resolve and make things better for you.  It's ALWAYS best to start in small, tiny, baby steps. This life is a process.

So here's what I did for Halloween. I went tricker-treatin. I'm not too old! Getting free candy is always in style. By the way.... this was my costume...

Me and my sister went as Mario and Luigi. Yes, we had a photo shoot while the street-car driver guy went for a smoke :D

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#Dancemypantsoff Halloween themed song

Stay in school kids...until next week :)

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