Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Hello readers! It’s Moiz coming at you again. I hope all of you had a successful mid-term season! (my mid-term season is still going on -_-) I’m going to get right into my blog post this week because it was a long and hard process for me to decide what to write about this week. I think I changed my mind about 4-5 times but I finally figured it out, Enjoy!

After I finished most of my midterms I found myself making more personal goals. Not long term goals necessarily, more short term goals such as the very popular, “No more procrastinating.” At the time, when you decide on a goal, you feel like nothing will get in your way of accomplishing your goal. But in most cases, it’s a matter of time before you return to your routine of speeding to get things done at the last minute and then vowing that the next assignment/test will be different.

If it seems like I just told the story of your life, DO NOT FEAR! I know many people that go through the same phases all the time and because of this I’ve decided to share with you some tips and tricks to help you stick to your goals!

Step One: The Plan
This is where you spend time deciding exactly what your goal is. Do you want to improve your GPA? Do you want to gain more from university than just the education? This step is where you decide on what it is that you want to achieve. MAKE SURE THAT IT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY ACHIEVE. If your GPA was a 2.0 the previous year, telling yourself that you’re going to have a 4.0 in the current year is an unrealistic goal. What the goal should be is to pay attention in class more, to review notes every night, to attend all lectures, etc. Now there’s no guarantee that these goals will get you that 4.0, but they will definitely help you work up to it! Also, something that I have found to help me is to write the goal down somewhere. Somewhere that you look at every so often just to remind you about what you are working for. Also, changing the location you put once in while helps you to actually take it in and not just pretend it’s a part of something and ignore it.

Step Two: Words into Actions
This is where you start to put your new goal into action. The key to this stage is organization and prioritizing. Mastering these two concepts will make your life so much easier! Some tips to stay organized? Set up a calendar at the beginning of each month! In this calendar put in all assignment deadlines, all test days, EVERYTHING that you deem to be important in that month! Seeing how close a deadline for an assignment or test is will help you prepare well in advance. The last part of this stage is to make sure that you are somehow tracking your progress, just to boost your ego and show you that you really can make your goal a reality.

Step Three: The “oh there’s still time” stage
We all know this stage, this is where we all try to deny the fact that we’ve been procrastinating and try to make excuses to defend ourselves. My most common one use to be, “Oh, I work well under pressure… I’ll just do it tomorrow.” THESE PHRASES ARE BAD BAD BAD! To stop yourself from doing this you must challenge each excuse to make. For my previous example you could say, “Do I really work better under pressure? What happened the last time I did that?” If you’re like me, the best solution is to find inspirational quotes/videos that show you a little extra work can take you a really long way.

Step Four: Survival
Just live. It’s important.

Do you have any other goal-setting tips you’d like to share? Have idea’s for a blog you’d like me to write about? Just post all thoughts/comments/questions into the box below and I’ll be sure to have a look at them. That’s all I have for you guys this week, until our next digital encounter.
Peace and Love.

Moiz’s quote of the week: Set some goals and follow through with your plans. Time waits for no man.

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