Friday, November 25, 2011


Okay guys, its me again Raphael back for Friday dose of weekly tips. As the Fall semester is coming to a close and exams are just around the corner, all the professors are trying to squeeze all the final assignments they can in their courses. And as every student in university is trying to finish their last minute assignments I feel that some tips are in need for those of us who don't know what to do. So here I am to the rescue!

1. Start early!
I'm serious, dead serious. Do not procrastinate. If you are a first year student reading this be aware! This is not high school anymore, this is university. No more pulling off all nighters, doing last minute, or copying from a friend. If your assignment is not a group assignment, you cannot rely on someone else to do the assignment for you. Just do little by little each day, separating the assignments into manageable chunks to avoid cramming and being stressed out like this kid in this picture. (I understand we only have a week left, but even starting a week before the due date is much better than last minute).

2. Seek help!
There are plenty of resources to help you get started. If you are working on a paper, book an appointment with the writing center at AC221 (but be early to book, as these spots are limited and fill up fast!). But if you can't seem to book an appointment, just drop in at around 12-2pm, and I am sure that someone there would be able to help you. If you are working on a math assignment, the math and stats center located at room AC312. And if you just need a quick question about an assignment, just e-mail your prof using your UTOR Webmail from portal. Make sure you use you .utoronto mail address or your e-mail may be sent to the junk mail of your professor. (Most students are actually afraid to e-mail their prof, but this may be the easiest and fastest way to get help without going through the hassle of going to their office hours. Fast and Easy, just don't be afraid, you're professors are there to help you!)

3. Work with others!
The best way to do well on your assignments is to work with other students in your class. This is a no-brainer because all of the students have the same assignment at hand, and any of your questions, chances are, your classmates know the answer to them. This is a great way to make new friends, and get a better mark in your course.

Work with others, and if my "google images" photos are not getting the message across, just take advantage of what the campus offers for you! (Also you don't have to study outside like the students above, but their smiles are proof that studying with others works!)

So because this week and next week are our last weeks of school before Christmas Break, make sure to get started early with your assignments, so STOP reading and GET to work! (just joking... but seriously don't procrastinate, I'm speaking from experience take my word for it.) So have a great weekend everyone, oh and work on your assignments!


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    1. Hey no problem, I'm just happy that I am able to help someone with their assignements. I just ask that you spread the word, because many students (such as yourself) are in the same situation as you. Thanks for the comment!


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