Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's hunting season

The tenth annual UTSC Duck Hunt took place at Varsity Arena Friday Oct. 28. The men’s UTSC tri-campus hockey team faced rivals UTM.

Every year, the first time the two teams play each other – it’s a fierce battle of East vs. West. Both teams laced their skates in front of a crowd of U of T students and supporters.

UTSC took the title last year and was prepared to defend it. A florescent red sign hung on the glass beside the UTSC bench reading, “The Cup Stays Home.”

The name Duck Hunt refers to the 80’s video game, where shooters aim at soaring ducks. In this case, the ducks are metaphorically UTM’s mascot. An eagle.

This year was the first time I've attended the Duck Hunt event. To my surprise, it started ten years ago to boost school spirit and celebrate hockey players within U of T.

A few UTSC alumni told me that a few years ago, this event used to be huge. It brought out larger crowds and was the most talked about event. This year, there still was a number of people who showed their support (around 50-60) with colourful signs, Duck Hunt shirts, and cowbells - but I believe this event can be attract a larger crowd with more publicity.

Some suggested it would be a great idea to make the Duck Hunt a homecoming event for UTSC.

Photo cred: Greg Danko
I took my seat just in time for the first puck drop. The game started with fast pace and full of energy from both teams.

Brodie Fitzpatrick, #16, scored the first goal with a one timer in the first. 

UTM came back, scoring a lucky goal through the five-hole of UTSC goalie Trevor Carozza, #30, making both teams scrounge for the puck until the third.  

Fitzpatrick striked again as the time whined down in the game, making UTSC lead 2-1.

As both teams filled the penalty box with seconds to go, the determination and strive of UTSC paid off as the game ended with the final score of 2-1 for UTSC.

Currently, the entire Duck Hunt series stands 5 wins for UTSC and 5 wins for UTM.

Indeed, the cup stayed home.

Photo cred: Greg Danko


Major: Environmental Science
Year: Second
Position: Defence
Why did you join the hockey team? 
I got dragged into it by Danko (former SCHPA president) after Frosh week. I met Carozza (the goalie), a couple years ago and he saw me at campus the first week and told me to come out in my first year. And now I’m here.
Best part of being part of the team? 
All the guys are so much fun. Guys like Danko, make my day.


Major: French specialist
Year: Third
Position: Goalie
Why did you join the hockey team? 
I’ve been playing hockey ever since I was a little kid. I wasn’t ready to quit yet. I feel like my best years are still ahead of me. I’ve met a lot of great people in this program, so that’s what’s it’s good for too.
Best part of being part of the team? 
Good atmosphere. Anyone who hasn’t played a sport or been on a team, it’s like another family, another set of friends. Hockey players are their own special breed, so we all get along
Do you find the team conflicts with school? 
No, I wish we had more hockey, more practice time, more games because nothing compares to the feeling when you get on the ice.
Any pre-game traditions? 
I always get dressed in the same order, right pad always goes on before the left, right skate always goes on before my left. Same warm up, same stretches, same everything. Nothing changes.


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