Monday, November 14, 2011

Something wicked this way comes! ...Macbeth fever hits Hart House Theatre

Double double, toil and trouble/ Fire burn and cauldron bubble...

Who doesn't know these famous lines from William Shakespeare's dark tragedy Macbeth? Well, this past weekend I, along with the audience at the Hart House Theatre, got to see it performed by a professional cast of actors.

After a scenic drive downtown, some sightseeing (you can be a tourist in your own city, try it, it's fun!) and some good ol' fashioned McDonald's we arrived at the theatre a half hour before the show (not going to lie, we got lost... Scarborough kids). My friends and I were pleasantly surprised to see that we got discounts on top of our $15 discounted student tickets because of a special code I had from my Shakespeare class (shout out to ENGB32, more of Macbeth in gang!)

Three witches and Macbeth walked into a bar...

The set of this production was amaaaazing! It changed from forest to chamber to village square to battlefield, and all of it was thoroughly convincing! The actors were superb and the classic soliloquys were performed with an inspired twist. My honest reaction was: dude, that was awesome. It definitely beat our grade 11 in-class production of Macbeth by lightyears!
We broke the "no photography" rule. shh! But seriously! Look how cool the set is!
I won't give away the more interesting parts of the production, but I will say, seeing the performance in person was much better than reading it in class! Also, hint: strobe lights, sound effects and lots of horror! It was actually pretty scary - albeit awesome and totally cool.

Also, this is still crunch time for everyone, but taking just one night off (tickets are only $10 on Wednesdays) was a much needed break! I went with girlfriends and it made for a great night out on the town. The night was classy, with just a dash of arts and culture sophistication, and of course we topped it off with the typical Toronto TTC adventures. 

I'd encourage everyone to have their own theatre experience, especially when our own university is hosting it! And while you're booking your tickets,check out the trailer. This is definitely not an event to be missed!

So what have you all been up to in good ol' Tdot (do people still say that?)... Are there any other theatre experiences I should check out? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @rantothezebra. Until next week, later days! :)

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