Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I've been commuting/busing it to UTSC for almost two months and...I got a few issues, I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF (YES! I am yelling)

Let's just get right into this hot topic.

Here, in this post are my top five TTC pet peeves aka "you know what really cheeses me while I'm on the bus..."

5) Uncooperative people. Those hoodlums who walk in and pay the WRONG fare and then argue about it when the bus driver confronts them.

4) Loud talkers. I don't need to hear about how ugly you thought that girl's dress was or how your boy was hitting on all the chicks at the party. I know the most probable solution for this problem would be to "just go listen to your music" but even when I try to drown out your voice, I can STILL hear you! Keep your business to yourself. Thanks

3) Random shift changes. The bus driver just stops at a stop and then gets off to talk and chills with his fellow co-worker. Good for you! Now get back on the bus and take me to school, I'm running late and you aren't helping! Fine, *pretty please*

2) Perverts on the bus go round and round. This is more of a girl problem, not to say that men can't be creeped by other creep men, just sayin... I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when, the whole bus is empty and this ugly old guy comes and sits right next to you and smiles at you (with all his teeth) and hopes that will open you up for conversation. NO! Not Cool! JUST STOP

1) The MOST annoying thing about the TTC is crowded buses.
There are two ways to approach this issue. One, the whole bus is packed and there's no seats left and the bus driver insist on taking more passengers...and then the automatic voice lady comes and says "please move back...thank you" and well, you can't move anywhere because there is no space and then the bus driver threatens and says "I won't move this bus another inch until everyone moves back." You whine and suck your teeth and groan about it and make like a square inch of space until you're squished against the hoodlums and perverts and then the bus starts rolling again.
People are just lazy and refuse to move back and take the few empty seats that are there and in the end we all suffer :(

Epic Quote of the day: "Romantic love is like a mental disorder."

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P.S. Yesterday was UTSC's Leadership Development Program Coordinator's birthday...



  1. haha, funny thing about the pervert one, as a guy I am not too worried about that stuff.

  2. ROFL! #1 especially

    And agreed about #3


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