Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're all a bunch of insomniacs

Insomnia as defined by the Oxford Dictionary "Inability to sleep; sleeplessness"

Insomnia as defined by Urban Dictionary "The state of sleep loss. No matter how much you desire dreamland, it refuses you entry. You stand at the gates, whining, crying, but stuck in the world of buzzing activity." (The first sentence needs a syntax evaluation...Sorry, English Major Pet Peeves)

I personally like the urban dictionary definition more, because makes sense. I feel really bad, I was in one of my many last lectures (YES!!!!) and I fell a sleep. I couldn't even see the words straight. I just remember this...(Let me put it in a cute narrative)

The prof said "please turn to page 104 in your textbooks." I remember flipping to the pages. I remember the title. And then the text started to fade, maybe the font was too small for me to care. Maybe I need to reposition my head. I will read this text by lying my head on the table. You're heart starts to beat slowly. The voices are fading, but they're not completely silent. You can hear them in the back of your head like a distant cacophony. You can feel yourself sleeping, but you're not actually sleeping. I hope I don't snore. Damn! I think I just did. You, like a wave, fade in and out of consciousness. Sleep teases you and says "Come with me!" You say "I can't! It's the last lecture...maybe tonight?" The chair squeaks and drags, the bags shuffle and the binders open and close. Class ends and there's a wet spot on the page I was "supposedly" reading. I dozed off...again.Does anyone else have horrendously dark eye bags? Does anyone else look like the picture above? Like when I actually want to sleep, it doesn't come. It's like the sleep fairy comes at the most inconvenient times (Didn't you get my schedule??).

I was going to offer advice on how to avoid looking like a zombie and to sleep better, but I can't because I'm just as tired as you. Damn these exams. The worst part is, after you've had yourself a decent nap, your cognition process is a bit murky, you say random things that don't make sense...and well you look like #&*@! I remember my boss telling me I look like I hadn't slept for days and that I, "had the eye bags of a fourth year student."

Stick it out til' the end, yes? I feel like it's not JUST us first year kids, it's EVERYONE! Go ask you're friends at Ryerson or York. I'm sure they're all saying the same thing. I bet my life on it! I take that's a rather risky price.

Just a few words of advice:
Good Luck on the exams! (I use that word loosely because luck and praying won't get you the grades, you have to ACTUALLY work for it.)

Epic Quote of the Week: I really wanted this to be the first November where it didn't snow the entire month, thanks to global warming. But DAMN! Mother Nature likes to screw with us. It's on the last day too! :( -Fatima Wahid

Epic Song of the Week:

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