Thursday, December 1, 2011

mmmmmmmmmmm FOOD.........

It’s almost exam time, for us UofT students that might mean days and days of straight studying more or less. Looking for something to look forward to after exam season? HOW ABOUT THE NBA SEASON? 
Yes, this week the players and owners of the NBA came to an agreement and the 2011-2012 NBA season will start on Christmas day!! Talk about an early Christmas present right? Anyway, my blog this week wasn’t about how excited I was about the NBA season starting again. This week it’s all about food choices and the UTSC study "diet". 

As you all may know, there are not a lot of mega-healthy food options at UTSC. Let me bring out the psychic in me and guess what most of your diet at UTSC consists of. We can start off with the usual one can of Arizona a day. I swear if everyone in UTSC was deprived of their blood it’d be okay because we’d have Arizona to replace it. 

After Arizona we have… yes, you guessed it, Subway! I swear there was a time this semester when I started having a sub for breakfast and lunch… good times! Then we have the oh-so-popular Tim Horton's. You know a business is doing well when there needs to be two of them, in the SAME building, only a 30 second walk away from each other! The thing about Tim’s is that you can go there at any time of the day, for any meal or snack or beverage, and of course the price is student friendly!  I think that’s the big three:  Arizona, Subway and Tim Hortons. OH, and how could I forget Nasser! The UTSC famous hot dog man! He’s actually the nicest guy I’ve ever met; sometimes I just want to buy a hot dog just to re-meet him again haha! 

If you guys are getting tired of eating the same things over and over at school, I have good news for you! As you guys already know, next semester SCSU is going to adding to our food choices by opening a Hero Burger in the Student Centre! If you guys haven’t had Hero Burger before it is actually quality fast food! So if you’re into healthy food choices, it’d be a perfect change up from that Subway you’re so use to getting.  Also expected to open up in the Student Centre is KFC and Taco Bell! YES, THAT’S RIGHT! Heaven will be located in the Student Centre next semester guys. I know this is not exactly healthy BUT who else is as amped as me?
Anyway, if you guys want to read up on these new additions check out: for more details!
Until we meet again, readers.
Peace and Love.


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