Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Celebrations of Solidarity

Hey Guys, It's E.A.P
Yea, couldn't keep me away for long!
Just thought I'd do a quick post and tell you about all the awesome things are happening around the world and on campus!

TODAY: As we all know (or at least I hope we all know) is International Women's Day! Which isn't just about appreciating the women in your life (that's another day, remember Valentine's Day?), well for me PERSONALLY, it's about appreciating women and understanding the struggles they've come through and still continue to face. It's about acknowledging and fighting the discrimination in our systems based on gender. This is not about me being a feminist and forcing my beliefs down your throat, it's about being aware, it's about being aware of yourself and your privileges. To an extent, WE ALL HAVE *certain* privileges. Celebrate the feminist in your life!

TO MY NEXT POINT: It's also Israeli Apartheid Week all around the world, OF COURSE UofT is doing events for it. I've been to some really awesome lectures with guest speakers on both campuses.
Let me just fill you in on IAW. started around last year, at the very beginning of the Egyptian revolution (and others) which sparked in the middle east...hence the term, "Arab Spring"

Remember this?

I think it was more that the West was waking up and realizing the issues in Middle East. One of the main ones being the Israeli and Palestine conflict. This is my interpretation of how things went...

After WW2 and the displacement of millions of Jews, there was a treaty signed which said something along the lines of Jewish people sharing the land and living with the population of Palestine. But things didn't really go according to plan and the Jews decided to take over the land, and wipe out the population so they could have all of it, rather than sharing it...basically this is what happened

Since then the Israeli army has been occupying the white area.

So this week, UofT (tri-campus wide) put on a range of events and brought in guest speakers to talk about the conflict in Middle East, and possible resolutions that have been discussed politically. There are people for the occupation and against. It really depends on who you ask, I'm not here to defend and rebuttal opinions, I'm just here to inform you.

To be honest, I'm actually pleasantly surprised that UofT put together such events, and it's a nice change. So thank you and hope you enjoyed this post.

Epic Quote of the Week: "I don't think IWD is about women being "special" (we know we are) - it's about just...being." Khadeeja A.

Epic Song of the Week:

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