Tuesday, March 6, 2012

University Blues...

Hey guys! It’s Moiz coming at you for one last time. Don’t be sad, I’ll probably be back next year to keep you updated on life as a student :D. I swear this year has just flown by, some people only have a month left of school. It seems like only yesterday I was going crazy during frosh week and wondering how to get from class to class. It’s so crazy how this year is almost done!!

Anyway, because it’s the last blog of my year I thought I’d do a fun “You know you’re in University when” list. Let’s start this off, and feel free to comment any ideas you guys might have!
1) Weekends start on a Thursday for you (Art students -_-)
2) Sleeping before 4 am is a waste of a night
3) You know the store hours of all the fast food restaurants on or near your campus
4) Your breakfast isn’t complete without something with caffeine in it
5) You tell people all week that you have to study for a test on the Friday and avoid everyone but still don’t start to study until the Thursday
6) The weight you’ve gained is “all muscle” because you go to the gym once a week
7) Procrastination is a form of art. Beautiful, wonderful, timeless art.
8) You know you’re at UTSC when the library is louder than the halls, the marketplace and probably the gym.
9) You’ll wait 10 minutes for an elevator because the stairs are just too much work.
10) Naps are a necessity. 

That’s the best I could think of guys. If you have any, comment your ideas below! 

Be sure to keep checking out this blog because there may be surprise appearances here and there! And for one last time,

Peace and love.


  1. Why is everyone leaving? First Jessica now Moiz. :(


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