Monday, April 8, 2013

A social media experiment, part 2

So I just finished the last essay of my second year in university and I can't help but think about how fast this second semester was. I swear the beginning of second semester feels like it was yesterday when I was talking about how the beginning of first semester felt like it was yesterday when I was talking about how the beginning of summer felt like it was yesterday and etc. etc, time flies! 

Anyway, it's week two of my social media blackout.

Week two ended up being more of a challenge than week one. I had more "free-time" because most of my assignments were done and I definitely was not going to start preparing for exams three weeks in advance. I mean, you'd probably forget everything in three weeks, right?! So because of this newly discovered thing called free-time, I found myself fighting a constant urge to sign in on Twitter or Facebook again to tell the world some of my hilarious jokes.

Side note: Wow, I'm talking like I'm addicted to some sort of drug and fighting the urge to relapse or something. It's getting a little scary. 

The good news is that I didn't relapse. I mustered up the little bit of self-control I have left and decided that I don't really need Social Media... it needs me. 

I did however discover some more cons to not having a Facebook or Twitter which took a little bit of getting used to.

Having to actually look outside my window to check the weather. Apparently I got so used to people posting status and tweets about the weather, it became my number one source to keep track of it. Without the tweets, I actually had to get up, WALK to my window and look outside to see if it was raining or snowing or whatever craziness mother nature was up to that day. 

Side note: I don't trust weather apps either because those are wrong at least six and a half times out of ten

Having to keep your opinions about current events happening around the world to yourself even though they're absolutely hilarious. I guess this can go both ways. You can laugh at your own jokes because you know that you're hysterical PLUS you don't have to deal with people who get offended by your opinion. But, on the other hand, nobody else will be able to appreciate the artistically beautiful comedic relief you bring.

Finding out exciting news the next day instead of right when it happens. Because I can't see the trending topics of Twitter or trending articles on Facebook, I have to rely on reading the paper on the bus the next day in order to keep up with the times. For example, Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting to become a director!! I feel like I'm in the '40s again being so behind on such important news

So to end this experiment, although it might take some getting used to, you really can't compete with more time for yourself. I don't regret leaving the social media realm at all! (For now.)

Also, I heard a lot of people followed my lead of this Social Media blackout and I'd like to hear how it's going for you!
Just comment below.
Until next time,
Peace and love


  1. This is very cool. We were the first generation quite literally raised on social media, and so no one else quite understands the feeling of isolation and disconnectedness that we feel when we don't have social media to be our constant comfort. I imagine it's like waking out of The Matrix: a little gooey and uncomfortable at first, but soon it opens your eyes to a whole new way of seeing. Maybe one day you can write an e-book about this.

    1. It's definitely a new experience. I feel like I'm missing out on literally everything. It's like nobody can get a hold of me anymore because it's not as easy as sending a message on facebook or tweeting me. On the other hand, it's kind of refreshing to have all this time to figure myself out. I find myself being me rather than trying to impress people. Might be cliche but you'd be surprised.


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