Thursday, January 24, 2013

CSIP - Campus Student Investigative Profiling

Hello all!

As I sat around reading all my fellow bloggers posts and admiring their work I had a realization. Suddenly I felt like they were all so creative and eloquent and I was dragging me feet in the halls of creative writing. Thus I decided to cut the writing bit down and instead draw for you all!

WALLA! Week 1 of 'Zarish-Drawing-in-a-desperate-attempt-to-make-use-of-her-studio-art-degree-valid' commences!

This week I have compiled some rather stereotypical characteristics of art vs. management vs. science students. Bearing in mind people are individuals and not everyone is subject to this heavily artistically licensed sketches...

Not that we have the disclaimer out of the way I bring you!!

ps. forgive the sub-standard scans the scanner at st.g couldn't handle my 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft sketchbook (sigh)





Next week will be the special UTSC edition! Keep your eyes out and comment if you have a specific 'type' you'd like me to cartoonify.

Till then.....

<3 Z


  1. These are fantastic! You should post your art here more often!

  2. You should do a manga-style blog or just a comic :)

  3. Thanks everyone :D I will be doing more of these stay tuned!


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