Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moiz's most anticipated movies of 2013

It's my first blog of 2013 and we're already two weeks in! Boy, that was fast. Let's hope we're keeping to all the goals we made at the beginning of the year and even if we're not let's hope we learned something from them. I personally am not a fan of New Year resolutions because I don't think you'd need an excuse of a new year to make goals for yourself; you should start right away at any time during the year. But hey, if it's helping people set goals and become better within themselves, you can't really argue with that. 

For today's blog, I figured since I'm a movie-head and 2012 was a wonderful year for movies I'd look at my list of most anticipated movies for 2013. I was going to do a top 10 but after I made a list I figured that limiting the list to 10 would be flat out heartbreaking. Therefore, I just made a master list of every movie I plan to watch this year. Let me know which one's you're planning to see in the comments below!

PS. I starred the one's that I am particularity excited for.  

Post-Apocalyptic Action

Oblivion: Tom Cruise finds out Earth isn’t quite as devoid of human life as everyone believes. But who’s keeping that knowledge secret? And why? (April 19)

**After Earth: Will and Jaden Smith play a father and son who crash land on a planet that’s been evacuated of human life 1,000 years ago. They must now survive the wildlife that’s rampant across the planet. I mean who doesn't want to see another Will and Jaden Smith movie? (June 7)

World War Z: Brad Pitt leads the fight against the zombie apocalypse in this adaptation of the best-selling novel. This one is packed with heart-pounding action. (June 21)

Super Heroes

Iron Man 3/Thor: The Dark World: Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe kicks off as two Avengers get sequels, with Iron Man facing off against The Mandarin and Thor going up against Malekith and his Dark Elves. (May 3, November 8)

**Man of Steel: Superman gets another starting point courtesy of director Zack Snyder, this time with Henry Cavill playing the orphaned alien who sets out to protect Earth. Produced by the maker of the most recent Batman Trilogy. (June 14)

The Wolverine: Logan (once again played by Hugh Jackman) travels to Japan for some samurai action in this latest installment of the X-Men franchise. (July 26)


** Anchorman 2: No word on whether Baxter will be returning for this sequel but I'm still pretty excited. (December 20)

The Hangover Part III: All bets are off as the Wolf Pack is on a road trip once again. (May 24)


**The Place Beyond the Pines: This one is starred only because of Ryan Gosling and I can't wait to see all the new tumblr gifs this movie will produce. (March 20)

**The Great Gatsby: Probably my most favourite book ever being turned into a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio... Enough said.  (May 10)

Action Adventure

The Lone Ranger: Two words, Johnny Depp.  (July 3)

A Good Day To Die Hard: Jai Courtney plays the son of John McClane, a role once again reprised by Bruce Willis, as the two of them avert a nuclear heist in Russia. (February 14)

Fast & Furious 6: More drag racing and other action that’s both fast and furious. (May 24)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Sequel to the original that came out a couple years ago. If you need more incentive, Channing Tatum. (March 29)

Family Flicks

*** Monsters University: A SEQUEL TO MONSTERS INC. 90's kids, rejoice. (June 21)

*** Despicable Me 2: Can't go wrong with those cute minions, Definitely a favourite. (July 3)

Jack the Giant Slayer: Bryan Singer directs this modern day fairy tale about a young boy who climbs the beanstalk to face the giant and rescue the princess. (March 1)

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