Friday, February 8, 2013

UTSC Profiles #3: Library creatures

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the 3rd edition of my visual mind vomit. This past week has been about as pleasant as a steaming pile of cow dung on a hot sunny afternoon with nothing but petrol to drink, but enough about me. This week is


Contrary to popular belief these are not the predominant species that grace the library. 

Let me tell you the real story.....

All the frustration.

This actually happened to me multiple times in the BV Mac labs..

Would have been me if I hadn't waited till I was 21 to buy an Xbox

These people should just move in and pay rent.

These are all based on observation and bear no resemblance to actual persons.

Thanks for reading! Next week I'm thinking of doing a Professors' Profile edition tantantantaaaa

Good luck with all the midterms!!



  1. Fantastic, again!! Can't wait for the next one!

  2. Loved it! Right on target! ;)

  3. Love this series. Also can't wait for the next one!!!


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