Monday, September 24, 2012

Sorry for the Doorject 2.0.

Hello once again UTSC, how beautiful was the wintery-like weather this morning? Amazing right?! I can hear all of you virtually sighing right now. I have good news for you. Some of you who had been following the UTSC Pulse since last year might remember my post about the University Dictionary. Well, it's back with a whole new slew of words! I just realized how weird the word "slew" looks. If you look at it for too long you're going to start to think that it's not even a real word. Sometimes when I type a word too many times I start questioning whether it's a real word or not, is that just me? Anyway, back to the topic on hand, The Uni Dictionary!

Now these aren’t necessarily real words, just words that a couple friends and I have made that we think ALL university students should know! And do not try to act like you haven’t done all of these things, we’ve all been witness or have been a part of these wonderful university “traditions”!
OH, and I’ll be updating this blog with new words whenever I feel creative enough to think about them, so make sure you guys bookmark/save this page and check back often!

Doorject (v.) to glance behind oneself upon opening a door and notice someone, but continue through without holding it.  “He was really far behind me, but we made eye contact, so I couldn't just doorject him like that.”

Ghostseat (v.) to save a seat in a class for a "friend" who doesn't exist.
“I had to sit in the back behind the pole; that pompous hooligan ghostseated me.”

Sleepsac (v.) to sacrifice a morning activity in exchange for additional sleep.
“After smelling myself, I thought it would be alright to sleepsac showering this morning.”

Obnodxious (adj.) to nod unnecessarily at everything the prof says.
“Dude was being obnodxious even when the prof was telling us what he had for lunch!”

Awkstretch (v.) to awkwardly pretend to stretch upon realizing the prof isn't going to take your question.
“It’s been a rough day, I had to awkstretch two times in my calculus lecture today.”

Sayhirange (n.) a distance deemed appropriate for greeting an acquaintance.
“I saw Malcolm in the food court, but he was out of sayhirange so I pretended to text.”

Peoplepoint (n.) a human landmark seen every day when walking between classes.
“I knew something was up when I didn't see my Tuesday morning peoplepoint, blue-hoodie-headphones guy...totally forgot about history.”

Dressdown effect (n.) the gradual degradation in respectable attire from the beginning of school to the minimum level during midterms.
"Joe changed zero articles of clothing between waking up and going to his calculus midterm, a clear result of the dressdown effect."

Awkword (n.) a word which is spelled correctly, but looks wrong; results in several minutes of self-contradicting and staring.
“environment. ...en-vi-ron-ment. no way. enviroment. enviorment? enviorment.”

Pterodactyl (n.) a course previously considered a "bird", but changed between years to become ridiculously dangerous.


Involuntary Manstalker (v.) To unknowingly follow someone that is going to the same place as you. Seems very creepy.

Inzombia (n.) the act of staying up late... and doing absolutely nothing.

Consecuthank (v.) to thank the holder of a door for a series of successive door holds; can be either very friendly or very awkward.
"[door 1/2 to enter the building] Thanks. [door 2/2 to enter the building] Thank you. [door to classroom]*chuckles* thanks."

Adveyes (n.) a glance at the laptop of the person beside you to see what they wrote, because you can't understand a word the prof is saying.

Freemotion (n): That sudden rush of happiness when you realize that something is actually free.

Floorwarp (v.) to get off on the wrong floor and feel like you have stepped into an alternate dimension.
"I totally just floorwarped. I thought  the room below us was our room and I walked in on Moiz having a one man dance party."

Classcation (n.) when going to class feels like a vacation from non-stop studying.
"What a relieving classcation, three hours of sarcastic remarks and question-ignoring from my favourite prof. I could get used to this!"

Floodgater (n.) the first person to leave a boring lecture, causing half of the class to leave immediately after.
"I thought your class ended at 3?" "Not today, we had a gutsy floodgater leave at 1:30."

doubbow (v.) (deriv. double elbow) to occupy armrests on both sides of oneself .
"I felt like a T-rex, both people beside me were doubbowing."

That's all I got for this week readers. Comment below if you guys can think of any, I'd love to read them!

Until next week,
Peace and love. 


  1. Great post! Lol, I've doorjected many people, and then ask myself why I did that..wwoops haha.

  2. I people Point in all my classes :D

  3. dress down true!


  5. hahah, we all have done all of these things! I KNOW IT! Thanks for the comments guys, if you have any suggestions, let me know! :D

  6. LOL it's damn funny

  7. This is a totally fun post! My personal favourite is "Sayhirange." That is so true that I feel social psychologists should research it. Thanks for sharing your creativity, Moiz!

  8. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!

  9. Inzombia... definitely me! LOL

  10. Awkword is definitely me ALL the time.
    Great post! :D

  11. hahah great post! I find the involuntary manstalker hilarious!!


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