Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quidditch, Anime, Archery -- and a Swag Sighting

It is now week 2 of the UTSC Visual Documentary and I must say with the amount of activity on campus it has been a lively week. With Artside Out only about a week away things do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Rightly so! Soon after, those dismal weeks of mid terms and final assignments will rear their ugly heads and we will all have to bow down to their undeniable power. OTL (stick man bows to the gods of academia)

This is serious business
Let us cast away those dark thoughts for now. How many wizardry fans do we have on campus, I wonder? While casually strolling through the Clubs Week tables in the Meeting Place I happened to discover that we have a Quidditch Club at UTSC! Quidditch, for all the less fanatical Harry Potter fans out there, is a sport invented by J. K. Rowling which, in the simplest terms, amounts to basketball on brooms. (Excluding the magical elements of flying gold balls and the aerodynamics). Ball hockey is just never going to live up to that, is it? Thanks to them I watched a song called ‘Like It's Quidditch’.

Clubs week has many other interesting offerings. There is a new archery club in town. The archery classes and club are separate entities. Therefore if you wish to be a part of the competitive archery scene and want to make believe that you are Legolas join!

I know, I tried.
We had the Video Games Society Squared, the Anime Club and Shutterbugs on the floor.  There was gaming, there were costumes, bows and arrows attracting a lot of attention. The UTSC Anime Club had their orientation just yesterday! There were some cute cos-players who agreed to pose for my camera, thanks guys! The event seemed to be a huge hit. The execs even had to keep a few people out because their room was over capacity! Holy popularity Pikachu!

50 points to whoever guesses her cos-play!

These tights are all the rage in Japan, très à la mode

Last but not least for all the debating, politics and international development fans out there there is a  UTSC Model United Nations club. Facebook them to learn more!

Since next week is the American election week they will be hosting a special live broadcast of the speeches as well as a debate during the intermission. They have training sessions twice a week so if you would like to broaden your mind and learn about the UN and its issues or just like to argue ... I would say give it a shot! 

As promised we have this weeks 'Swag Sighting'. Drum roll please... 

Oh Johnny boy
This is John. John is a transfer student and is currently doing Health Studies. A well-dressed future medical professional? Double trouble my friends. John seemed pretty amused but slightly overwhelmed with all the attention two complete strangers (my friend and I) were giving him. It was also his second week on this campus and we may have startled him. My apologies! What a glorious welcome to UTSC though! Being immortalized in this week's fashion sighting is an honour few will be subject to. John mentioned some of his favourite brands are ZARA, Lacost and Mexx. Tasteful.

Before mid-terms        After mid-terms?
UTSC I am still on the hunt for more fashionistas! If you want your picture up or an event covered tweet at me @zarishisonfire

Happy everything everyone all the time!


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