Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello everyone on this fine Monday morning. If you're anything like everyone else in this world you probably dread waking up at 7 am and getting ready for school/work/etc., especially on a Monday. I'm here to tell you ... it gets better ... Actually, I have no idea what I'm saying I just didn't know how to start this post so I decided to be mysterious and motivational but that CLEARLY failed. Anyway, today I will be touching back on the topic of goals I talked about during my first post and sharing some of my goals with you. This way hopefully I can inspire at least one person to go through with their goals and maybe you guys can inspire me with yours.

With that said, I want everyone who reads this to comment one goal they would like to accomplish this year and share how they go about trying to make it happen. It's okay to be anonymous, no goal is too small or too big. Our minds are capable of doing whatever we set them to. If you want to stop eating so much junk, perfect. If you want to meet new people, go for it. Man, if you want to be a world renowned artist, I believe you can do it and you should too.

To inspire your dreams, ambitions and goals I'll share some of my own and keep you updated regularly on my progress or lack thereof.

1) Cut all sodas and soft-drinks from my diet
I've been doing this since the beginning of summer and I can feel that my body definitely appreciates these past 5 months of no carbonated drinks.

2) Go above and beyond
I don't want to miss any opportunities. I would be able to live with myself if I knew that I tried my best and I failed. But, if I felt as though I could have done more and worked harder I would never let that go. This includes school, working out/exercising, work, this blog, etc.

3) Schedule every single thing and follow it to a T.
Anticipate the unexpected. Even the most unexpected events only last for no longer than a day. The important thing is to jump back on as quickly as possible.

4) Join one UTSC athletics team this year
Probably basketball.

5) Start writing again
I’m a big fan of spoken word and used to write pieces like it was nothing back in high school. I want to get back to that, great way to get your mind off stress.

6) Just live
Take some time out of the day, turn off your laptop, turn off your cellphone and close all your books to just think and self-reflect. Maybe go out for a walk and appreciate all the fall leaves. Take advantage of this season as not many other countries get to experience it.

On that note, don’t forget to share some of your goals with me. Hopefully I have and will continue to inspire you to accomplish something this year.
Peace and Love,


  1. I've cut soft drinks out of my diet as well! There's no nutritional value in them at all!

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