Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Beat the Fall Blues!

Hello, Everyone!

Although I previously stated that I was the Wednesday blogger, I have now switched off to Friday! So if you don’t have a date or any plans on Friday…grab a bowl of ice cream and read my blog post ;) (I jest). Now I’m sure most of you have woken up to a cold autumn morning … and have at some point in the morning dreaded coming to school...(lucky me, I have no school Friday! ) I was the same last year and well ... cold fall mornings put me in early hibernation mood. So I’ve decided to help my dear readers stay warm and cozy the new changing fall/winter weather.

First of all it’s pretty obvious to layer up and stay warm, but you will sometimes be surprised by the lack of appropriate winter attire some of our fellow students have … wear a proper jacket! And please ladies we all want to look fashionable and have our hair out to gently cascade to the cold winter wind … but just wear a hat! As a child my mother would drill in to me to wear a hat but I wanted to look cool … nevertheless an ear infection quickly changed my mind. So wear a hat or earmuffs in the least!   

I also find Tim Hortons to be a great cozy place in the winter. I enjoy the couches in the meeting place and the couches in the TV lounge if you are waiting for a bus. Also just the body heat of all the people in the student center definitely help to stay warm and toasty. The library, despite how noisy it is, is a great place to study during the fall. At least for me I find that a lot of other people give me more security than private and secluded places in the University that may not be as safe.

What I mostly love about UTSC is the raw natural beauty that it encompasses. Especially during winter, if it ever snows I urge you all to look at the changing colors of the leaves in the patio outside the market place and the beautiful winter wonderland in the back of the school. Having seen it once, it is truly breathtaking.

Now as the cold fall winter weather approached so do *evil music*… exams! I know a lot of us go home to study for exams but I personally do a lot better in the library where there are no family distractions, The best part of this is also that there is free food! Yes you heard me free food! During exams time, groups like MESA and SCSU usually hand out free coffee and sometimes food! One of the other reasons I urge you all to to come to campus or stay a little bit longer longer rather than heading back home and staring into your computer screen is that as cheesy as it sounds there is some great holiday spirit on campus. Last year there was pumpkin carving and a ton of end of the year Christmas and Eid Parties. So come out of the events -- they are definelty worth your time.

Sadly this is the end of my blog post :( So which place in campus is your favorite winter hangout? Which holiday parties are you planning to attend? 

Till Next Time Take Care,

Romana Tariq :)

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