Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Goodbyes. Oh, and YOLO.

Aloha UTSC!

The month of October has not disappointed. The midterms have been as tough as ever and Halloween costumes have outdone themselves, either in how scary they are, or in how little fabric they seem to employ. So forgive my nostalgia for taking this opportunity to say goodbye to Hallo-week, cramming season, and yet another half of a semester that we’ll never see again.

Ironically, Halloween is yet to arrive. The 31st seems to have become the least important day in Halloween season in North America, with most parties, events and gatherings taking place well before. The SCSU’s annual bash, so creatively titled: ”YOLO...or do you? – UTSC’s Halloween open bar party” brought around 170 (out of over 1000 invited) people out to a banquet hall a full week before the actual day. (Well, Facebook says that’s how many people attended). Oh, when will the SCSU learn that unnecessarily long event names DON’T yield better results in attracting people to go? My theory is that simply ‘HALLOWEEN OPEN BAR’ or ‘GET DRUNK IN A COSTUME’ would have sufficed. Otherwise I’m more than happy to name this blog ‘Seemingly important but entirely irrelevant rant about the SCSU and some tidbits about hurricane stuff”. Maybe I’d throw YOLO in there for good measure, because you know, none of us have heard that enough. For what it’s worth though, in the event that every single person had shown up, it would have been hilarious to witness them accommodate over 1100 guests at this majestic banquet hall. Yes guys, effective party planning has taken a serious hit this October. Let’s hope our GPA’s scraped by the massacre.

Closing statements: Enjoy Halloween in personal style, whether that involves another university party, or hanging out home dressed as Mr. Potato Head. It’s time to say Goodbye to Sandy and hello to Movember. I've been told mustaches are the answer to most of life’s queries. I’m about to find out.

Stay warm, safe and cautious UTSC. Guys, cherish your women, we’re all hurricanes on the inside.

Cheers !


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