Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big Mo

So, it's the last Monday of October and I'm here wondering where the last 2 months have gone. Feels like just yesterday I finished my exams for first year. But here we are today...

To some this might mean CHRISTMAS is less than two months away, to some it might mean that this is the month of remembering and yes, all that is most definitely true. But more recently, the month of November is often associated with mental images of dudes with dirty ‘staches and excess facial hair. This can only mean one thing… MOVEMBER.
Movember is a fairly new concept introduced to increase awareness of prostate cancer in males. It was launched in Canada in 2007 and has gained recognition since then. If you don’t already know, it’s called Movember because in slang Mo means mustache and it takes place in November; Hence the term, Movember. 

Here’s something you guys might not have known: THERE ARE ACTUALLY RULES YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. I took part in Movember a couple years ago. It’s a lot more challenging than it seems. Keeping a moustache for a whole month without shaving it no matter how you look is  a challenge. I need to give a shoutout to all those who are brave enough to rock a ‘stache regardless of what month it is. You guys have heart. Anyway, here are the rules for the men who are participating:

  1. On "Shadowe'en" (October 31), the complete moustache region, including the entire upper lip and handlebar zones, must be completely shaved.
  2. For the entire duration of Movember [November 1–30], no hair shall be allowed to grow in the goatee zone (any facial area below the bottom lip).
  3. There is to be no joining of the moustache to sideburns.
  4. If you have a full beard, you can shave it leaving only a super moustache for the month.

Who knew, huh?! Here’s the fun part, UTSC will have a variety of different events throughout this month in order to help raise awareness of prostate cancer and Movember.
If you’d like more information on Movember itself (eg. How to register, how to donate, etc.) visit

How do you feel about Movember? Are you participating? If you have any questions or comments or idea’s about a blog post just comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you! That’s all for this week’s post guys. Till we meet again. 

Peace and love.

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