Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UTSC and Art - The Untold Story

Hello world! This week we shall be highlighting UTSC and our love for the arts. When I tell most people that one of my majors at UTSC is Studio Art it is usually accompanied by a confused expression. Something akin to, 'So like... do you draw and stuff?' is usually subsequently said. Studio Art, for those not in the know, at UTSC offers a wide array of training in conceptual practice whether it is digital art, performance, video, sculpture, drawing, painting or photography. So yes, I do 'draw and stuff' sometimes. Mostly I look for excuses to use all those awesome saws and drills in the sculpture studio. Power trip anyone? Do not fear. I was trained. No limbs or body parts have been involuntarily separated from me, yet ...

Here are a few shots I took of art work I found:

Shadow art, yes it is a genre

Fun Fact: Did you know the AA building, aka the Arts and Admin building, actually is where the studios are? Apparently most people I talk to do not. The drawing studio is especially epic because we're constantly being serenaded by the music studio next door.

Teddy <3
Fun fact #2 : There are two galleries on campus. One is the DMG (Doris McCarthy Gallery) which has established artists' shows and the second is the student run Gallery 1265. Visit our work please. We need an audience.

Is it wrong that I thought of the Lion King?

Rita McKeaough's, 'The Lion's Share'

Fun fact #3: You did not need to be a Studio major to contribute to Artside Out! Freedom of expression is universal and we'd like to think UTSC is becoming a larger contributor to that platform.

Here is a video of a live performance:

There was also a kawaii (Japanese for cute) cosplay fashion show:

For a walk through of the DMG exhibit click:

I think we can all safely say that ASO was a huge success in the sense that it brought life to our campus. Let us hope more events like this keep happening all year! As a note to the organizers though it might be better to do it in the middle of the second semester. That way studio majors like me can participate with work, as opposed to contributing in the summer when some people are traveling. Just a thought, not to detract from the wonderful efforts of the organizers and volunteers!

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful UTSC!


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