Thursday, October 25, 2012

UTSC: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Buildings

enough said about my gpa................
Hello folks! And so passes another week of brutal mid-term season. I wonder if anyone else is like me when it comes to these times. My automatic reflex is to curl up into a ball, roll around and cry. Much like this ---->

I hope the rest of you are stronger than I am. On to the topic of the day: U(GLY)TSC  

I imagine reactions to this would be along the lines of 'HEY, DON'T TALK SMACK ABOUT UTSC,' 'Dude...harsh' or the discrete head nodding for those who automatically think of our campus buildings. I mean of course that building that frames the gorgeous Rouge Valley the Science + Humanities Wing legally known as 'The Andrews Building' (AB).

Often, before I understood the AB I imagined it looked like the power plant from the Simpsons. This was followed by envisioning Mr. Burns walking the dimly lit lower levels...

Can you blame me? I mean. our campus has played host to the film crews of Total Recall and Resident Evil: Afterlife. I remember seeing the Meeting Place in the movie and almost spitting out the ice cream I was gorging on... Good times. 

Yes the AB is bleak, claustrophobic and scary, but you must give me a chance to show you the majesty!   The architect (John Andrews) did after all have a masters degree from Harvard. He also designed the CN tower and apparently the south residence at the University of Guelph.

The style of architecture is called 'Brutalism'. If you're a metal fan you'd know that makes our buildings the most epic of epic because they're 'brutal'. UTSC is therefore brutal. 

These are pictures of the AB to help you see the light behind the genius

Aztec pyramid
Humanities building kinda look like an ancient Aztec temple?

One of my fav sights, Science Wing stairwell very meditative

It could just be because I'm in art but this is a really beautiful lighting outcome
Breathtaking snap I caught yesterday when hanging around the valley. Who would've thought weeds could look this good?

Amazing framed view from 4th floor of the SW

The valley is glorious this time of year 

The top of the stairwell reminds me of an ancient worship pier

Shot I took in the summer. Again, it's important to look at architecture as a frame. Buildings aren't necessary supposed to stand alone, but instead complement the landscape they stand on.
Today (Wednesday) I was so grateful for the cover from the rain. Saved my hair from going into afro-mode

I hope I managed to show you some of the majestic qualities of UTSC! Go explore campus instead of staying holed up in Timmys or the food court! We are technically an architecture heritage site and should take more pride in our campus!

Stay beautiful UTSC <3



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  1. It's true, if we view architecture at UTSC as a frame, the structure makes so much more sense !


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