Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So You Have A Smartphone?

Now that the Thanksgiving weekend is behind us, students everywhere can rejoice because for most of us it's the start of MIDTERM SEASON!

I just want to start off by hoping that you guys had a wonderful/relaxing Thanksgiving with your family and friends because this next month for most of us is going to be a killer. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I won't have to deal with the anxiety of midterms coming around for the first time. For the first years that are reading this, my best piece of advice would be to take it easy and not get too stressed. If you get a bad mark on your midterm, it's not the end of the world. If you're used to getting easy 80s and 90s in high school like I was, prepare to be extremely shocked when you get your first mark back (It's UofT so it's bound to happen). Anyway, to help you guys with your battles I thought I'd tell you some smartphone apps that could assist you in your battles.


Everyone knows about Blackboard so there really isn't much for me to say. A program used throughout all of UofT and many other institutions doesn't need an introduction. If you're a student that wants to stay on top of all class updates/announcements/notes/grades, this is the app for you.


WolframAlpha If you're a math student or have ever been a math student, you know how much this app helps. Ask it any math question and you will get your answer. Ideal for late night WebAssign assignments.


This is classified as an organizational app but it does much more. You can use it to jot down ideas and share them with others, record voice notes, take snapshots, and save important articles you might need.


Some of you probably think I'm losing my mind by putting this on here but I'm actually serious about this one. We live in the social network generation. Almost everything you will ever need you can get from social networking. Jobs, information and even friends. Now most of you probably consider this to be the biggest procrastinator of life but hear me out. If used properly, Twitter can help you connect with more things on Campus than anything else. Using twitter to follow UTSC accounts will help you constantly stay in the loop of what is happening at our wonderful school. I always tell myself, grades are just the half of it -- get your thoughts and make your mark out there. Get the whole university experience.

FYI: The UTSC AppStar mobile app development contest has chosen it's finalists and will decide the winner very soon. I might even do a review for the winner of the contest so stay tuned!

More information can be found on their website: http://blog.utsc.utoronto.ca/appstar/

Until next week guys,
Peace and love.

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  1. Thanks for these! Would like to see the availability (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc) for the apps, maybe a link to downloading next time.


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