Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello humans, internet zombies and unicorns! My name is Zarish (ZA- RISH –ish like FooLISH). I am in my final year at UT SCARRRRRRRRRRBOROUUUGHHHHHHH. Can you sense the pride? I would accompany that with the relevant pelvic thrusting but I’ll leave that to your imagination. I have been given the opportunity to write for all you beautiful people. This shall be a visual documentary of UTSC and all that it connects to. I will have a weekly ‘Swag Sighting’ where I will stalk poor unassuming fashionistas on our campus (male and female).  On top of that every week I will feature a new topic of the week. Political, social, economic or just popular you will hear about it all.

Let us start with this week’s star, Anita Owusu.
Those shoes were terribly exciting.

Intelligent, beautiful and classy = triple threat.

Anita was spotted at a scholarship awards ceremony. She was, in this reporter’s opinion the best dressed woman in the room. After ogling her dress all night I worked up the courage to ask her to pose for a few snapshots. I was overwhelmed with admiration for this beautiful, strong and well spoken woman. She was not afraid to admit that she was a foster child and was willing to answer any questions this reporter had to ask. Anita grew up in Toronto. After struggling through the life of a foster child Anita managed to graduate from college and just graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in social work. She said that her journey was relieved by the generosity of her sponsors because of whom she graduated debt free.

When asked about what advice she had for people looking for inspirations her exact words were, ‘this may be cliché but honestly, reach for the stars’. This reporter agrees. During a speech made at the ceremony the MC proclaimed that, ‘it is one thing to have a family and a home and to succeed, it is entirely different not to have any of those and to succeed’.  Anita also had a message for women looking for strength.  She said that confidence can only come from maturity and building up your self esteem in a healthy way. The evidence is clear. Believe in yourself and the world is your oyster.
I hope this inspiring story helps everyone through the school year! Keep dreaming everyone.
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Happy everything!


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  2. Nice pictures! Inspiring female, and an inspirational story. Nicely written article, but your zeal for utsc might be a bit off-putting! Besides that, looking forward to more articles! -PP

    To anonymous. I might be anonymous as well, but I'm not cowardly enough to post disrespectful things. I use my secret identity for more virtuous things such as web slinging and saving cats from trees. Maybe you should find a new hobby.

  3. My inner unicorn was tickled by the beauty in white. Her inspirational story is proof that swag has little to do with the clothes and a lot to do with the person rocking them. Great job muffin! I look forward to your future posts (with my butter and knife).

  4. Great to see Pulse going in this direction! Well done...I'm feeling pretty Zar-ish about this!

    1. Thanks Prof Matti! I'm a mere student in the school of Mattimatics.


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