Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is UTSC Spiritless Place??

Hello UTSC, as you know this is my 5th year at UTSC and that I am a big proponent of getting the best university experience possible. It dawned on me the other day that it might be possible that UTSC and possibly the entire entity of The University of Toronto lacks any school spirit. This idea came about me as I was visiting a friend at another campus. As he was showing me around, I noticed a few things.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of students wearing an article of clothing emblazoned with the universities name. I know we had the whole "1 Love UTSC" thing going on, but this was on a whole other level. Are UTSC students ashamed of repping their campus? I obviously see students with University of Toronto clothing, but the frequency of a sighting like that is minimal. Why is it that this type of rep is so rare at UTSC?

Furthermore, looking through his collection of photos through out his past years at the university I noticed all the photos had one thing in common - they were all very centralized around school spirit and the university. In my head I compared my memories of UTSC and his photos - there was a HUGE difference. Sure I've been involved heavily and done things that connect me to campus but they didn't resonate with the feeling of "school spirit".

The only reason I could think of why school spirit is not part of our university culture is that at the University of Toronto we are heavily focused on academics and it is our cornerstone of pride. My question to you is whether you think UTSC has spirit or not or that the university experience is better elsewhere. Perhaps it's that as students of UTSC we show our school spirit in a different way - though I'm not really sure about that. Do you think UTSC has spirit? or do we show it in a different way? What are some ways you see UTSC spirit and what are some ways to increase school spirit? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. utsc doesn’t really have much spirit. Its a get in and get out type school – go to class, get good grades, graduate, end of story. i think most uoft campuses are like that, utsg as an exception, because theyre kind of spirit-y, but then again, its uoft so don’t expect too much.

  2. well the saint george campus has many buildings around it that offers students with something to do when they are not in class, it also has a small fields that is always filled with students just kicking a ball around playing group sports whenever its warm and not snowing also they got a huge eating hall 100 times bigger than our student centre so u get a nice atmosphere of all those students, was awesome when i was down there. UTSC is all classes and , take student centre for example a few tables only not really welcoming, no field for outdoor activities and utsc isnt really near anything in waliking distance that is entertaing like saint georoge. thats why its all classes and get home most of the time


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