Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The small joys and victories of UTSC

Hey Guys, it's E.A.P

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but instead of being all Anti-Valentine's day, I thought I'd show my campus some love.

Yea, let's be honest; UTSC school spirit is a bit in the dumps. That being said, it doesn't mean we can't raise it.

I've been thinking since I do take courses at the downtown campus, I appreciate UTSC more.
I dedicate this post to UTSC.  Here are the things I love about UTSC:

  • The small class sizes. I would much rather be in a room full of 30 kids than 95
  • We have some really awesome courses e.g "Women in the Arts: Hot Mamas, Amazons, and Madonnas," " Gender and Genre," "Music and Healing," and even a course on "Painting" to name a few.
  • We're right next to STC, isn't that fun? You could go watch a movie in your 3-hour break (if you aren't broke yet).
  • We got a Hero Burger and Taco Bell opening up VERY soon.
  • We have really awesome guest speakers visit our campus. Who went to see Lawrence Hill the other day?
  • There's always someone giving away free food. Yup, referring to DSL.
  • We have a hot dog guy!
  • There's always some new building opening up, but either way this campus isn't big enough to get lost at.
  • I'm actually really glad our campus doesn't do that whole "colleges" thing that the downtown campus does. That way you don't have to go to like 3 different registrars to get something done.
  • We have some awesome profs, Daniel Tysdale! :D
  • Our school teams don't suck, we actually win most games! #RepUTSCSports

Just a few closing remarks:
I just feel like our school isn't given the credit it deserves. University can be fun guys! You just have to look, and if it's not there, take a chance and start something positive. Instead of complaining about how our campus spirit "sucks" take initiative and do things on this campus that you wanna see happen.

Next week I'll be attending Spoetic Poetry Slam on Thurs Feb 16th. One of my many pieces got published in an online zine (So stoked for that).

Epic Quote of the week: "Tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again."

Epic Video of the week:


  1. Yeah I just wanted to say that UTSC is definitely a place to be in. Sure it has its faults, but what University doesn't? In this case, UTSC really outweighs the negatives with plenty of positives. The small class sizes keeps me feeling like I'm part of the community, and keeps the pressure low as Students we don't feel overwhelmed by vast amounts of people. I love UTSC!

  2. "Right next to STC" - Are you geographically illiterate? It's like a frigging 15 minute drive or half an hour on the Go bus. That's what you call "right next to"? I can say I "live right next to Niagara Falls", it's only a 90 minute drive!
    Does ANY of your points actually make any sense? Guest speaker? Which university doesn't have one? A burger joint? Which university doesn't have one? Small class size? Yeah when a shitty "university" like UTSC comes into existence what do you expect, how can it have large size classes even if it wants to? Hot dog guy? You've got to be f*cking kidding me.
    I have never seen a worse university campus than UTSC. Its main buildings might have been popular in the early 1900s during the turn of the century industrial revolution. Its facilities size resembles a high school. There are so few classrooms that some exams have to take place on Saturdays due to not enough room. There are so few classrooms that some courses have to share the same classroom at the same time! There are so few proper classrooms that some poor souls have to take classes in places that resemble Snape's dungeon. My HIGH SCHOOL had a better campus than UTSC. Hell even some primary schools and colleges have better campuses than UTSC.
    "Campus spirit"? There's about as much extracurricular clubs in this place as an elementary school. Almost every single prof I've had at UTSC arrives LATE (5-10min after class starts), and have only ONE office hour a week. The registrar and academic advising centre has enough staff to accommodate maybe 5% of the population.

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