Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ode to hockey practice

Hey everyone!

Man oh man, it's been a busy reading week for me - and with school starting again, it doesn't show signs of slowing down. I'm currently writing this at 2:48am (yikes!) I got back from hockey practice around 11:30pm and have been doing homework ever since. It doesn't help I have a soccer practice at 7:00am tomorrow morning (double yikes!).

So my dear readers, my mind has turned to jello and for such reason...I will write a poem.


Ode to hockey practice

The coaches made us skate, lap after lap
I only wanted to sit out and take a nap
It's been a long day, but I'll continue to skate
Even when the coach made us carry a weight
My knees were shaking with every turn
You better believe I felt the burn
We had a drill where we wrestled for the puck
I won that play, but i'm sure it was mere luck
Shoot outs happend at the end of the night
I tricked the goalie, as the puck took flight
It missed the net, pretty sure it hit her head
I apologized and apologized, "sorry" I said.
When practice was over, I tripped and nearly fell
We have a game on Sunday - oh goodness, wish us well!


  1. I hear ya, just got to persevere and you will make it through :)

  2. LOL awesome :) (especially for a 3-am endeavour)

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