Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When I Say Drop, YOU SAY FEES!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All Out Feb1 st. National Day of Action.

Here is how things went down according to me.

So I was suppose to get up super early and head over to Queen's Park with UTSC, but I slept in (to be fair, I was really excited and I couldn't sleep, so when I did finally sleep, I slept till 10:30 AM)

11:33 AM: Arrive at Queen's Park (I couldn't figure out where the protest was taking place). Someone told me Hart House, someone else told me King's Circle!


(Really Empty!)

11:57 AM: I hear cheering. Heads towards cheering. There was a hype rally in front of Sid Smith. We were all waiting for the other university buses to arrive.

For like a good 30 mins we were all cheering things like,
"The students united, will never be defeated"
"When I say drop you say fees!"
"Education under attack, what do we do? FIGHT BACK"
"Education is a right, we will not give up the fight!"
And other things like,
"What do we think of OSAP? And the crowd said "F**K OSAP"

12:46 PM: We start marching around King's Court Circle. Guided by this truck which came with a microphone, speakers, and a DJ.

1: 12 PM: The crowd gets bigger and bigger:

I noticed that people took turns speaking, while on the truck. The different student unions (i.e Ryerson, York, UofT) all spoke out at the rally about how, not just undergrad students, but ALL students are affected by the high cost and rise of tuition fees. Yay Solidarity :D!

I had to leave the protest early because I got really claustrophobic. I honestly couldn't feel where I was going. I took a breather and got some really awesome videos and pictures to share with you guys.

It felt absolutely amazing to be a part of such an incredible energy and movement. I only hope that our government listens! Although I didn't see familiar faces, I did see friendly ones. My favorite part was the homemade signs people made.

I mean cmon' how does this not convince you?

I really hope everyone over at Queen's Park marching is safe and hopefully it all stays peaceful (I have no doubt it will be).

Epic Quote: "Don't get arrested, I'm not there to bail you out!"-- Somone's mom

Epic Song of the Week:

P.S Guys follow the action on twitter. #Feb1 #DropFees #AllOut
Enjoy everyone :)

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