Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UTSC rated B- in athletics

Annually, The Globe and Mail conducts a "University Report Card," where students all across Canada rate their school on most satisfied students, quality of teaching, student residences, libraries, athletics, etc. Overall, UTSC falls into the average grades for each category. As previously mentioned by my fellow bloggers, UTSC may be a smaller community, but I think we could embrace all the opportunities we have to offer.

UTSC is rated within the "small universities" category. We're rated a B- in athletics and recreation along with Nippising University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. At the top of this list is University of Lethbridge and UOIT.

U of T St. George is rated a B+ while UTM is rated an A- in athletics.

The survey is going around again and UTSC can have a chance to move up a grade in all categories because let's face it, we're U of T students and a B- will only make your parents say, "you can do better."

In other news, UTSC will be having a "UTSC Marlies Day" on March 10, hosted by the SCHPA. The game is at the Ricoh Coliseum at 3pm. Oddly enough I used to work at the Ricoh and I can tell you Marlies games are WILD! It's a small arena, so anywhere you sit will be a great seat to watch the game.

Tickets are $35 and include, not only the game, but an $8 food voucher, Marlies T-shirt, autograph signing with a Marlies player, and a post-game skate on the Marlies ice.

Attending the game will be a great first step into embracing the UTSC athletic community. You don't have to play a sport to attend, just gather a group of your friends and have fun!

Tweet me @Jessica_Moy or comment below if you're attending the Marlies game, or how (as a UTSC student) would you improve the athletics at UTSC?

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