Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superstition in sports

If you're an athlete, chances are you're likely to believe in superstition. Everything you do before a big game has to be to your liking or you'll feel unprepared. Take for example a soccer player who has to put on their left shin-pad first before their right or a volleyball player who has to bounce the ball a certain way before serving.

It all may seem a tad silly, but in order for certain athletes to feel prepared, they must stick to the same routine before heading out on their respective playing fields.

Many famous sport superstitions include Fabio Capello, England's soccer manager who banned all the girlfriends and wives of his soccer players during the 2010 FIFA World Cup from any sexual activities. Some may say such activities can hold back an athletes competitiveness, but according to TIME Magazine, this is just a superstition.

Another superstition is former basketball superstar Michael Jordan who couldn't go a game without wearing his lucky basketball shorts from college. He even wore them under his longer Bulls shorts during all his NBA games.

Personally, I'm not too superstitious when it comes to sports, but I do have a couple that stand out. For hockey I always have to tie my skates outside the dressing room. I don't remember when I started doing this, probably back in high school when the dressing room was always sweaty and crowded. I used to take my skates and tie them outside the room and listen to my music. Even today I continue to do this, it's automatic - even if the dressing room is half empty.

Also, in the beginning of the game when my team is about to cheer, I have to turn my back to the crowd. I believe this started when I was younger when I was always so nervous when friends or family came to watch. It would remind me to not pay attention to them and concentrate on the game. May sound silly but hey - it worked!

Here's a short, funny video of superstition in the NHL.

Let me know by commenting or tweeting me @Jessica_Moy if you or someone you know has a weird superstition or routine before heading out to the big game!


  1. LOL @ turning your back to the crowd- that's cute :)

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