Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Che-Che-Check it Out!

Hey Guys, It's E.A.P!

This is a very quick update. Yours truly is checking out some TRES awesome events.

This Friday, I'm going to a lecture at the downtown campus called "Gender, Sexuality and Islam under the Shadow of Empire"

It sounds realllyyy interesting. I also decided to take a course at the downtown campus called "Women in Western Religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam)" although the lecture was cool, I felt like it was lacking discussion around Islam and sexuality. I'm interested in this lecture because it brings dialogue and discussion around this topic which is rarely discussed.

The second event is:!/events/360345163979837/
"On the eve of the first anniversary of the Arab Spring, as general strikes and occupy movements have spread across the globe, A Space Gallery is pleased to present A REFUSAL OF IMAGES. The works in this exhibition urge us to consider a central determinant of unfolding history—the use of mobile devices to record and transmit political events. With an immediacy that our visual culture has only recently begun to grasp, these recordings often contain moments of abstraction: for example, the shaking camera aimed at the backs of others while the videographer flees from a tear gas attack...These kinds of abstract images communicate something that might circumvent a system of images that are often trapped in meaning and over-determined by our viewing habits..."

Both events are happening this Friday and they are both FREE!

I'll keep you posted and let you know how it went down. I'm also hoping to get an interview or two, hopefully all goes according to plan!

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