Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Q & A with Chelsea Seguin - UTSC hockey player

It seems girls are likely to be underestimated when it comes to a sport like hockey. Chelsea Seguin, a second year psychology and political science major has heard her fair share of chirps from guys (probably not as good as her). With a clapper of a slap shot and speed that takes her end to end, Seguin was a varsity hockey player before playing the intramural sport at UTSC.

"[Playing varsity] was a great experience and my physical fitness was pushed to the max."

Unfortunately, hockey is just as political as it is physical and Seguin was released from the team after a month and a half.

As much as a disappointment as that was for her, like any good hockey player, she picked herself back up and got back on the ice.

This being your first time on the UTSC hockey team, what were your expectations when you went to the first try-out?

When I came to tryouts, I didn't know what to expect. I was definitely intimidated because walking into a dressing room where everyone already knows each other is nerve-racking. As I got to know everyone, it didn't take long until I felt part of the team.

How has your overall university experience enhanced since being part of the team?

Overall, being part of the hockey team is a great way to meet new people that I have things in common with. It is also a good way to keep in shape and relieve stress when I need to get my mind off the books.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned while playing hockey at intramural level?

The biggest lesson I've learned (more so, been reminded of) since being on the hockey team is to never underestimate your opponents. During the Fall season, we lost in the semi-finals to a team that we were more than capable of beating. Sometimes you wrongly take a win for granted, but no matter what, you have to keep your head in the game.

What other teams have you played on at UTSC?

Last year I played intramural volleyball during the winter semester (won the championship). This year i'm playing soccer, along with interhouse volleyball and ball hockey.

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