Monday, January 23, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again...

Hello fellow readers & followers,

We have come to that time of the year again; no I'm not talking about Chinese New Year (even though I should be because it is awesome). Before you start looking at your calendar trying to figure out what I'm talking about - I'm going to save you the trouble and tell you and while doing so warn you about the impending chaos that's about to permeate through the halls of UTSC. It is the time of the year that all the SCSU Executive hopefuls battle it out on campus trying to win your votes.

I attribute election time to chaos because of the amount of energy that each person's campaign brings to the floors of UTSC. With the constant asking - I mean begging to the point of harassment (in some cases) for votes, speeches and general vying for your attention by each and every campaigner and their campaign assistants, our quiet little campus turns into a tornado of election chaos. The students who lived through at least one of these elections before knows exactly what I'm talking about.

You may be asking how does one survive the SCSU executive election time? The best way is VOTE. Take the 30 seconds it takes to write an X next to your 4 favourite candidates and submit it. Even though you probably will be asked to vote again and again you can simply just inform them that you voted already and you're on your way. Another way to survive election season is to AVOID the student centre for a few weeks - even though that's hard it is possible - however may not entirely save you; so do yourself a favour and just vote.

In the case that one of the campaigners is reading this - please be campaign respectfully and try not to harass students or annoy them. It will make me and many other students a lot happier :)

Are you running for an executive position in the SCSU? If not would you? I'd love to hear some feedback and comments from the readers about what they think of the way elections are run and about the SCSU in general! Don't forget to follow me on twitter @malcolmwong1 and subscribe to this blog! Til next time!

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