Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here's to a new year and a new you

Hey everyone!

This is your Tuesday sports blogger Jessica and i'm excited to be back at UTSC.


For a year and a half I've attended Centennial College to finish my journalism diploma. I'm finally back on Scarborough soil to finish my degree. Just two more semesters 'till graduation!

Until then, let's get down to business.

If your new year's resolution is along the lines of, "lose weight" "stay fit" or "try something new" - lucky for you, there's plenty of solutions offered right here at the school.


I've discussed in a previous post about UTSC instructional classes such as cyclefit, archery, fitness kickboxing, yoga, etc. The dance classes are incredibly popular and so much fun, plus you'll be shedding off the freshman fifteen in no time. Let me know if there's a class YOU want to see ME take. I'll film it and let you know how I do (like my belly dancing video).

List of classes:


Tryouts for 2012 intramural sports have begun and it's not too late to come out and play! You can try-out for volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, etc. It's a great way to meet new friends and be a part of a competitive team. I'm going for indoor soccer and hockey. I might challenge myself and try-out for co-ed ultimate frisbee, but I know nothing about the game nor how to throw a frisbee. Shall I dare? I mean, look how wild this sport is...

Try-out info:


The SCAA is putting together their annual Blue Mountain ski-trip! A bus will take you on January 27, where you can experience the slopes and night life for a low price. For three days and two nights you can get back on your snowboard or try it for the first time. All levels welcomed! For more info, visit the SCAA office.

There you have it, my solutions to your resolutions.

Let me know on Twitter @Jessica_Moy or comment below what sports you're going to try or what you're going to do this semester to stay in shape!

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