Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Blogger: Little Fish in a Big Pond

Guest Blogger is Ashley Dhandhari

I remember my first year at Scarborough Campus as being really confusing and stressful.  I had been super involved in so many clubs in high school (i.e. student leadership, multicultural club, Model Un, volleyball, semi-formal committee, etc.) but being new to campus made me too nervous to get involved.  As a result, I felt so disconnected from the UTSC student body when I got here. 

The good news is that I found my fit here at UTSC.  I signed up for a few clubs during clubs week and went to club meetings; now I’m part of Model UN @ UTSC, the Women’s Centre and a volunteer for the DSL (Department of Student Life).  While working in the office I recently visited the DSL website, browsed their leadership program and noticed the different ways to get involved. I've joined the iLead program, and I am now working towards my leadership certificate! 

All the opportunities can be overwhelming but it's really easy to get involved here at UTSC, it just takes a few quick sign-ups and events to become part of the vibe of Scarborough’s student body.  For example, one event coming up is the First Year Caucus (wish it was around during my first year!) Apparently it's a leadership development day for first year students.  It's all of the things I wanted to know about leadership, combined in one jam packed day of learning and socializing.

So come out, join us and start Getting Involved! Make your time here at UTSC as memorable and engaging as it was back in high school. You might be swimming with the ‘big fish’ now, but we really don’t bite. 

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