Thursday, October 20, 2011

Because I'm a boss...

Hello beautiful readers of this blog! It’s Thursday which means you are currently reading the thoughts of UTSC Pulse Blogger Moiz! Now usually, I’d go on about something I’m passionate for and rant about it but I thought I’d switch it up a little bit and tell you about my very FIRST University Mid-term experience.

I’m sure you all can agree with me when I say that mid-term season is not something we look forward to. I’ve already written 2 mid-terms last week (biology and physics). Let’s go back in time to about two weeks ago… everybody I talked to (and I mean EVERYBODY) was asking me if I started studying and how far I was in my quest to do well for my two midterms. And every time someone would ask, all I would do is make the :/ face and think to myself, “Isn’t the mid-term next week?” Now, I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t really get stressed for anything but seeing everyone stressing and going crazy had me a little bit worried.

A couple days later I decided to start studying (with music of course). I wouldn’t say I procrastinated because I did start studying a couple days before each exam so I’m definitely proud of myself for that accomplishment. The problem was that EVERYTHING was a review of grade 12 stuff! Every time I would read something I’d be like, “Oh, I know that already… pssh (the noise made when one turns the page of a book).” I basically finished studying in record time which did not surprise me at all because I’m a boss. But I felt like it couldn’t be that easy and eventually my conscience forced me to go over my notes one last time!
Fast-forward to exam day. I walk into school and head to the library (which isn’t really a library because it’s probably the loudest place on campus) and everyone in the library had a Biology textbook open beside them! I can’t lie, I did get a little paranoid but I was just like, “Chill Moiz, you got this.” Like a boss.

When exam time came up I walked to the room, I was in (AC 223), and saw even more people freaking out! When I got in the first thing that scared me was the atmosphere, everyone (I am an exception because well… I’m a boss) was dead silent. Then I sat at my seat and realized that we had to write the exam on those little stand things that pop out of the chairs in the big lecture hall. That was probably the worst part. When I put my hand flat on the little desk it covered the whole thing! How am I supposed to write an 8 page exam on that little thing?! Also, the big stopwatch they put up on the projector to countdown the amount of time you have left is so intimidating. It’s like every second gone is time wasted which means you have less time, which means you don’t do as well, which means you get a bad mark, which means you fail in university, which means you fail at life! Okay, I might’ve exaggerated slightly but the clock is definitely intimidating!

Besides those things, my first mid-term was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. One thing I can take out of it is that I need to stay on top of all my work!

That’s all for this week folks. If you have any suggestions for blog idea’s I’d love to hear and possibly write about them! Just leave a comment below or tweet me @MoizMaq! Until our next digital encounter.

Peace and love.

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