Friday, October 28, 2011

Moviegoers Galore!

What's up moviegoers, this is Raphael back for Friday's blog!

Hopefully all of you have already finished your midterms and finally have some time off studying. We all have spent quite some time on campus  and we may think we know all about our school. Well, if you are a movie lover then you must know that our campus has been in a few movies. Yes, I know crazy right? Actually around this same time 2 years ago we had the Meeting Place used as a set for a popular movie. Can you guess what it was? If you remember from my last blog, I briefly mentioned it at the beginning.

Give up?

It's Resident Evil! Check out the photo below of the transformed Meeting Place.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

If you remember from last week, I mentioned that the striking architecture of the Humanities and Science Wing won awards, but what I didn't mention was that it won because of the "brutalist" nature of the buildings. The location manager for the movie saw the possibilities with the building and could manipulate the space with ease. When I first heard about a movie was filming at UTSC, I was ecstatic, as a first year I thought I could be a bystander in the movie. Unfortunately I didn't get my chance to be part of the movie, but I saw the movie sets and the lighting equipment they brought for the shot they needed. It's just great to actually see the movie and say, "Hey they filmed that scene at my school!" I mean not everyone can say that about their schools, right?

Ok here's another great one, can anyone guess which movie this strange "stormtrooper" look-alike (on the right) belongs to? No, it's not Star Wars. Give up? It's Total Recall! Never heard of it, huh? Ok, to be honest I didn't know about the movie either until I searched it up. Apparently Total Recall is a remake of an old 1990 sci-fi movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. But this time the main star will be Colin Ferrell along with Kate Beckinsale. Yes it's a remake of a movie that was made before I was even born! I can't wait to see the shots of this movie! And what's even cooler is that one lucky student was chosen to be an extra (one of the storm troopers like the one on the right) to be part of the movie! Yes he was paid $11 an hour to be part of the movie and got a glimpse of the actors in the movie. Imagine being part of a movie, right in your own school! That definitely deserves major bragging rights, whoever he is, he is one lucky guy.

And once again the Meeting place was the place used for the set, to make a (what it looks like) a busy sci fi train station.

This really shows that University of Toronto Scarborough has always been destined for great things. Ever since the uni first opened up in 1966, its buildings has told a story, and it's our priority as students to carry on that legacy. I don't know about you guys, but as a student I feel much more connected with a school when others (such as movie producers) can see our school as a backdrop for their ideas to come to life. I am grateful to be in a school where one can explore new opportunities and every single student should be proud to be in school such as ours. This is Raphael with your weekly dose of interesting facts about our university, please subscribe to our blog by clicking the follow button at the top and have a great weekend everyone!

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