Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is my excuse ridiculous enough for you?

I'd like to dedicate this blog to all the loafers out there (you know who you are).

I thought I'd lighten up the atmosphere, cus you know there's some kids out there crying about their marks and midterms (HA HA).

Here are 10 excuses for not handing in assignments, missing class, or arriving late.

10) I was sick with the Frosh Flu.  Even though I'm in third year.  (where's your doctor's note bro?).
9) Jaime Foxx said to blame it on the alcohol!
8) I didn't do the assignment because I didn't wanna make my fellow students look bad.
7) I was late to class because there were too many stairs to climb (Yes, I'm talking about SW and HW).
6) I did it, but it was on my memory stick, and I’ve lost/forgot my memory stick.
5) My printer ran out of ink.
4) My computer crashed!
3) I couldn't do the assignment because I didn't have anyone to copy off of.
2) It was on my syllabus?...What's a syllabus?

... READY?!??!?!

1) My "fill-in-the-blank" died...ahem, for the 2nd time this semester...(You gonna send me an invite to the funeral, right?)

Epic Quote of the week:
"Body dies, mind lives forever, so make an impact and make history."
(graffiti found in the girls' bathroom)

Song of the week:

What are some of the creative excuses you've gotten away with? Tweet me at "aisha_says".

I know I usually write more, so sorry I couldn't finish this blog post because....

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  1. "Graffiti found on the girls bathroom" ? I doubt it... :D


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