Friday, October 14, 2011

Too much Studying? Need a break from it all? Come to the Attic!

So right now everyone is in Panic Mode. Midterms are happening and for some of you, it may be the first midterm of your university life. For the veterans, you guys already know that midterms are very stressful and with all the chaos of trying to finish last minute assignments, or doing some last minute studying - we all could use some break from it all. I know I've been there, and I am still in that panic mode. But whenever I feel like unwinding or releasing all of my stress from studying, I come to a special place on campus that relaxes my nerves and gives me a well deserved break.
Let me introduce to you the Attic! (Which is located on the third floor of the Athletics Center).

Now you are going to tell me, "Ugh, Raphael the Attic? Really? Doesn't really make me feel welcome." Trust me, the name does not actually mean "an old attic". It is not a cold empty room with rats scurrying about. It's more like a room with many ping-pong tables and couches for students to sit, sleep, or study.

I still remember coming in this room for the first time, in my first year, astounded that the place was packed! (It was during the first few weeks of school). There were groups of people playing table tennis, and at the time I was pretty good at ping-pong, so I was excited. I had that feeling that "I belong here," that this was going to be a spot that I will come back to. I was reassured at the moment I picked up the paddle, all my anxieties of being a freshman in first year suddenly disappeared.  From the first moment that I served that ping-pong ball, I was hooked on playing.

Maybe most of you don't know how to play ping-pong, but I for one can safely say that as long as you have the desire to play, you will get better. I actually taught one of my good friends how to play the sport - whom I met in the Attic, at first clueless about the sport- now likes it and plays it whenever he can.

It's not just the ping pong either. The very first time I played in the Attic, it was only with a few personal friends. I was comfortable playing with them because I knew none of them were at the same level as me. Once I started to get better and better, I started playing other people, and was reminded that I still have a long way to go. Although I lost to many good players, I had fun. Just seeing other students in the same program as you are, and playing a friendly game of ping-pong, is a getaway from the stressful competitive life of a student.

Interesting story about the Attic, during the 80s and 90s it used to have a bar (it still does) and it was a spot where students can drink and just hang out.

Me and friends playing a friendly game of ping-pong. (I am actually at the back eating as I watch them play). This photo was taken in 2009, first year for all four of us. Photo courtesy by Emily Panetta.

Trust me, if you want to learn a new sport - try ping pong - and for those who think ping pong is not a sport, I suggest you try it first, you will get a workout after a few minutes (mostly from picking up the ball). Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or just tired and want to watch a couple of matches before your bus comes, come to the Attic! I hope to see you all there! Game on!

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  1. Hey I am in this picture! Good times Raphael. Let's play some Ping Pong after midterms alright?

  2. yea bro lets play some ping pong after midterms

  3. bro your blog is the most amazing one out of all, you should write more blogs =)

  4. Thanks for all the great comments you guys, yea we should definitely play ping pong some time - after midterms only though ok? I hope to see you all in the Attic! Dont forget to subscribe to our blog!


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