Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Voulez vous couchez avec moi?

This week, I took our Friday blogger, Raphael’s suggestion to heart and found my way to The Attic for an hour of cat-walking, finger snapping and sashaying!

As I walked in late (I’m a casualty of sleep deprivation during the midterm season), I was faced by a train of lovely ladies singing: Voulez vous couchez avec moi?

Not a bad way to get right into the fold! I decided to wait a few turns and try to watch and learn. As I heard the first strains of Christina Aguilera waft through the speakers, what I saw was...

The girls practicing for their big show!

At first some girls were camera shy, but as the class warmed up so did the atmosphere in the room. I decided to then join in the fun and the instructor Ashwini helped me to match up to the steps. Soon I was making friends with my boa-licious (yes, I just used that word) friends and dancing freely with everyone who smiled my way.

Which was a lot of people… clearly!

We practiced a series of walks, turns, spacing and a combination of simple dance moves. It was really fun and super accessible for a novice dancer such as myself. I did musical theatre in high school and was even involved in the production of Cabaret the play by Kander and Ebb (or more popularly known for the movie with Liza Minelli). It was really fun to get to experience that again, just hang out with girls and dance the stress away - especially at this time of year!

Star choreographer, Ashwini Prakash, strikes a pose with her troupe of stellar dancers!
It was a great way to unwind and exercise (without-really-exercising). Dancing to Lady Marmalade and making your way across a checkered floor never feels like work anyway!
Come join the fun on Monday 11a.m. - 12p.m.!

I had a great time glamming it up with the girls at the Cabaret classes. The coordinators at the Women’s Centre were really good at accommodating me on short notice and the class was really fun and very easy to join in on. The instructor Ashwini was more than helpful in getting my steps right and at the end of the class I could perform the entire routine without a hitch! 

They are always looking for more people so if any of you readers want to get involved in the future, rehearsals will involve pink glittery heels and feather boas and costumes!

And best of all? It’s guy-friendly too!

The ladies are looking for one lucky guy to be a part of their performance. For those with two left-feet, don’t worry, there won't be any dancing. But let’s just say lipstick will be involved and you will be the centre of attention. Pucker up! ;)

The women’s centre will also be holding an anti-pageant (where these lovely ladies will be performing!) and you can check out their blog at: http://utscwomenscentre.blogspot.com/

What should I do next? Comment on this post or tweet me at @rantothezebra to send your suggestions. Will you be checking out the Cabaret workshop? Submit pictures of your cool activities on campus!

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