Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Year Survival Guide


Shout out to all my fellow first year peers, this one's for YOU!
First Year Survival Guide
I TOTALLY didn't steal it from that other guy....(he was rather, an inspiration)

Background info on me:
i am a...
-yes this is a pen name (xoxo gossip girl) (TEAM BLAIR!)
- (creative) writer + blogger (no DUH!)
-1st year student at UTSC (reppin' all the way!)
-Soon to be English and Women's Studies Double Major-er?
-Poe Lover
-Modest it's sounding like something I'd put up on Zoosk or E harmony
(Did I just expose myself?)

As a first year student, I noticed a few thing about the campus
-The bathrooms are clean (most of the time)
-Everyone has towels at the school gym (why?)
-IT'S ALWAYS busy at the Tim Horton (the holy grail) (Hopefully I get hooked up with free coffee *fingers crossed* Yippie :D)
- I honestly don't know the difference between the Humanities Wing and the Science Wing
-The market place doesn't look like much of a market

After the first month of the first year...
-My bag is really fat and heavy! :(
-It felt like I won the lottery when my osap came in, and then I realized I have to PAY tuition :(
-Let's be honest, I've gotten lost at least 300 times (SUCH A NOOB MOVE!)
-I should mention, every time I'm in the AC223 lecture hall, it feels like a theater and I have the sudden urge to take a nap (Am I the only one?)
-The IC building looks like Centennial College (ADMIT IT!)
-You have to buy textbooks (insert being broke joke here)

Now for the fun part...TIPS and things you ought to know
-Check Blackboard as often as you check Facebook. Once before breakfast, once during lunch, and again before going to bed (chances are...i'm creepin you!)
-All work and no play can turn you into one of these guys
-YES YOU to your profs and TA, they're here for you. (GO! QUICKLY!)
take this as an encouragement to pick their brains (educationally of course). Email them if you need to.
-I LOVE the syllabus. If you didn't know by now, it's that sheet that tells you EXACTLY what you're doing in the week
-Do yourself a favor and stay on top of those readings
-This last tip applies to the entire student population of the world...ready?
DO NOT (I WILL REPEAT AGAIN....please don't make me repeat it a third time)
DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! In all honesty, it just makes your life harder.
If your personal life is getting in the way of your learning then you should talk to your profs. They are more than willing to help if they know about your situation

On a final are a few things to get you through rest of the week (only 2 more days till Friday

Song of the day ->

Epic Quote of the day: "When you come to university, you pay for tuition and books, you are not buying an education, or a degree, you are buying an opportunity" Sherri Helwig (I think that's how it went)

Until next time....

P.S GOOD LUCK to Errybody writin' their mid-terms (SUCKERS!) :P

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