Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't study? Here's why

Can't study? Me too. Let us take a minute to examine the exact underlying causes for this inexplicable disposition. I mean it could not possibly be because we are lazy procrastinators with a Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/Tumblr addiction... NO, NEVER, PERISH THE THOUGHT. :3

If you start to become hysterical in the defense of your work ethic, you, my friend, have a problem. I also have a problem. Besides the random mood swings, the attention span of a squirrel on cocaine and a tendency to start new TV show series a week before my finals I say I hold up pretty well. Or maybe I'm a jungle of bad decision making mixed in with a foul habit of displacing the blame. Who can say?

Here are a few reasons I often use to convince myself that it wasn't my fault: 

  • The weather is too nice/OOooo pretty snow. *proceeds to frolic without a care. 
  • My friends distracted me by watching all the Youtube videos I was watching. 
  • The internet. 
  • Global warming. 
I made this.

As you can see excuses don't always need to make sense. 

Now here are some legitimate concerns UTSC, from my experience, has when it comes to facilitating studying:

  1. The library -- is a zoo. Low enforcement of noise levels and fear of student reactions keep the policing to a minimum. Up until recently, before the security guard rounds, we had a legitimate problem with students from other unis stealing our space. Cough York cough Ryerson.
  2. The Student Centre -- too noisy, and the quiet spots usually host some couple making out (true story, the Women's Centre posted a sign about it. 
  3. The Science Wing -- after dark it feels like things from 'The Grudge' will appear out of the shadows. 
  4. Tim Hortons -- chocolate danish > textbook.
  5. The Valley Patio - Winter not applicable/summer too pretty. 
  6. Annexing random open classrooms -- that's cool, just don't be in there when a club is having an event and take three years to pack your stuff up.
  7. Comp labs -- my fav except when those chicks who talk REALLY loudly about their eyebrows for 20 minutes and stalk guys on Facebook for longer show up and you are ashamed to be a woman.
  8. The IC -- amazing study rooms with a view. If only they weren't taken 24/7...
  9. Your friend's house on Res -- no explanation required.
  10. Rex's Den - it works for a couple of people I know and their service takes so long you could definitely finish a 30-page reading while you wait.
Here's a fun little anecdote. The reason I am hostile towards the Yorkies is because last year a couple of guys with 'bad boy' swag decided to visit our library. I had a midterm the next day and they very loudly decided to voice their opinions on UTSC, in the library. How do I know they were from York? Eavesdropping isn't hard when you can hear people over your headphones. 

Despite the fact that they couldn't find any 'hot girls to chop' they lowered their standards and proceeded to ask me 'wassup' five times before recognizing that my textbook was my only potential partner.

Totally reminds me of this,

Conclusion? Studying is hard and the universe conspires to turn you against it. I mean sometimes the subject matter is just mind numbingly unnecessary. For example my friend on Facebook:

I think I made my point. I hope I've provided you with enough scapegoats to explain those grades we're about to get this semester. Don't worry though I've stocked up on tissue and got plenty to spare. 
Meanwhile, while we still have hope this is my attitude towards finals,

Stay strong UTSC!

And Happy Holidays since this is my last entry till January :D

<3 Zarish

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