Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Hate, Appreciate.

Hello wonderful readers of this wonderful blog.

I’m pretty sure everybody is aware that some students at UTSC aren’t too fond of the campus or the university. I’m here to show you the amazing things our campus has to offer. There has to be a reason why you guys chose to attend this campus, right? 

It’s a community.
It may be small but that’s what makes it such a community. When you walk around the halls you see people and you recognize them, even if all you say is “hey” or do one of those *sup* nods. You’re taking part in a community. You’re making someone feel like a person instead of feeling like just another number which is most often the case in other universities. 

You can actually ask questions in lectures.
It may take some courage. I was always told in high school that profs never answer questions at lectures but here, for the most part, everyone is welcome to raise their hand and ask the prof a question. 

We have two Tim Horton’s.
Enough said. 

We get the new athletic centre they’re building for the PAN AM games once they are done!
Probably the most exciting thing for me. I don’t even know if I’ll be around by then but that’s still freaking amazing.

Nasser for president.

Moiz’s wise words of the week : These are just some of the things that are so great about our campus. I really get tired of people saying UTSC is so boring and stuff because the people that say it are usually the ones that don’t put any effort into making it better. I truly believe that your university experience is based on your attitude. If you look at something as boring or lame, it probably is going to be that way. But if you wake up excited to go to school and take time to look for new events or take part in making new ones I’m sure you won’t have the same mind frame. 

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  1. THANK YOU I really wish people would stop complaining! Our campus is the best most tight knit community and ok we don't have ancient historical 'pretty' buildings but at least I don't take 15 mins to walk to my classes.. *insert many other rants about stupid complaints*

    Other things we have other people don't: a valley, tennis courts, sculpture studio with real equipment, secretish shortcut passages, subway is open on sundays, faculty that cares, cool people that dress up on halloween etc etc

  2. Well, I still hate UTSC. I hate, hate, hate it and genuinely wish I had gone anywhere else to study. Perhaps it is different for undergraduates but at the graduate level everyone blasts out the door at 5, attempting to traverse the impossibly ugly, dirty, rackety and EXPENSIVE TTC on their way back to whatever incredibly distant portion of the city they live in, because they COULD NOT STAND the idea of living in a "community" without a grocery store.

    Also: as a reminder: UTSC students PAID for that athletics centre. Ridiculously, students already living below the poverty line taxed themselves to pay for a giant sports complex, thus saving the city millions of dollars, if not more. The city was supposed to show good faith by putting in a REAL transit solution. Do I see any indication that that is going to happen? No, I do not. It's just the 116E, that makes me want to kill myself every time I ride it, and we are supposed to be grateful.

    So. Don't go to UTSC for your graduate studies, unless you have close and loving family in the area: because that is the only thing that makes Scarborough, or indeed Toronto, worth living in.


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