Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SSSHHH: The advantages of being an introvert in a world that just won’t stop talking

Yet, here I am, on a Sunday morning, pondering the complexities of human nature (and debating going to Tim’s), because I believe there is something to be said, not in the defense, but in further explanation, of all those introverts out there, who live life questioning their own eccentricities. It’s time we all realize that these are traits our world desperately needs.
It is fascinating, the ease with which people categorize themselves as either extroverts or introverts. I myself have never truly been able to make that call. I still don’t know whether I am an outgoing homebody, or a reserved people person. Four years at UTSC, however, have shown me that extroversion and those loud-mouth qualities will take you far in life. The notion most people -- especially university students -- subscribe to is that extroverts have easier lives: they make friends more easily, make themselves heard more easily, and make their opinion in life count.

·         Introverts have more self awareness – Spending time alone provides us with the opportunity to literally think about ourselves. This is NOT an aspect of vanity; it is an acceptance of our own idiosyncrasies, and the belief that being with ourselves is a good way to get to know ourselves better. How else will you make it in the big bad world?

·         Introverts are more self-sufficient – This is not to say that every sociable human being on the planet is a needy old geezer.  Introverts have it slightly easier, though; they don’t habitually judge themselves based on what others think of them, and are more clearly able to focus on regular achievements and personal growth.

·         Introverts come to be known as measured and thoughtful – It’s hugely advantageous in the workplace. Modern employers don’t want gregariousness; they want to hire a subtle personality, one that brings reflection and consideration into any decision they make. A pressing need to make oneself heard is sometimes counterproductive, because professional work is largely dependent on teamwork.

·         Introverts are often better communicators – This is a result of thinking before one speaks. Sometimes, we don’t need our energy from relating to other people.  Introverts are better listeners, they truly process what they hear and formulate relevant responses. It isn’t difficult for them either, once you get used to mulling over your thoughts before you turn them into words, getting your message across becomes simpler, and the result more effective.

·         Introverts get the most out of public experiences – Time to debunk the myth that Introverts hate people and hate crowds. First off, this concept of ‘hating people’ needs to stay in memes and GIFS, it’s not an ideology conducive to real life. No one knows that better than the world’s introverts. They do enjoy their experiences with other people, they just don’t need to stick around as long. They get the experience that they want in less time, or with fewer people. It is essential for them to eventually leave, and process their experiences.

·         Introverts like to interact, they just need a reason to do it -- This makes most conversations they have productive, and fun. Honestly, speaking, we all have so many pointless conversations in our time. Some are hilarious because the people having them are friends/bored/stoned. Other times, small talk is a gigantic pain in your ass. Introverts don’t interact with people for the sake of it; they do so because it will be gainful, or at least enjoyable. Isn't it great? It’s like having the natural ability to avoid someone we don’t particularly like.

Can this list be viewed as mindless rhetoric? Yes. The aim is not to downplay the many benefits of extroversion; we all understand those are necessary. Yet, introverts are so underrated a lot of the time; interesting personality traits are labelled ‘weirdness’ (well, weirdness is awesome), a soft spoken response is considered ‘coldness’, and many acquaintances wildly misinterpret such facets of an introverted personality. It is high time we wake up and recognize introvert for their multiple contributions to society, specifically BECAUSE THEY ARE INTROVERTS. Comfortable (and uncomfortable) silences are oftentimes welcome, in a world that just won’t stop talking.

If you're free and want to check it out for yourself; it may not be accurate, but it's a superb waste of time.

So long UTSC,


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  2. I see this is a 'thing' on our team eh...

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