Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UTSC: Changing Views

If there's anyone who still complains about the aesthetics of UTSC, I'd point them to what it used to look like. Back when it was still Scarborough College the grounds were spartan and depressing, devoid of the greenery and glassy modern buildings that we enjoy today.

Much has changed in forty years. We have five new buildings to complement the old three, and huge extensions on two of them. Coinciding with a growing student population, the campus has changed from a lonely scattering of concrete buildings to a dense city-like complex.

One day while looking at the old photos of UTSC on the wall near the athletic centre, I was inspired to compare old photos with new ones to illustrate these differences.

1974. Courtesy of André Salvador.
The AA courtyard, once sparse and concrete, has been given some life

1960s. Photo from
The original shot was taken further back than this one, but there's an entirely new forest that blocked my way.

Undated. From UTSC Archives

Undated. From UTSC Archives

Undated. From UTSC Archives
The bookstore added a floor, and the exterior of the ARC has been furnished with more greenery and clutter

1974. Courtesy of André Salvador.
There is now a large tree in the way, and the pathway has wandered

Undated. From The First Twenty-Five Years
The second photo couldn't be taken from the original view exactly because the HW building was in my way. Was an extension built? I also suspect that the statue was moved slightly

Undated. From The First Twenty-Five Years
Notice that the modern-day Market Place area used to be just a collection of couches

Undated. From UTSC Archives

1991. Courtesy of The Underground
Yes. The de facto entrance and car loop to UTSC used to be where the AA building is now. The welcome sign has been pushed back much closer to Military Trail.

Undated. From UTSC Archives

From The First Twenty-Five Years


  1. Very nice comparing and contrasting. It's also fun to see how long certain parts of UTSC have been around longer than others. :)

  2. Amazing to see the past and present through images!


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