Thursday, November 1, 2012

The UTSC Blues (Not the Athletics People)

The rain pours disdainfully down from the dark, dreary sky. As I watch the clouds I feel like there is no greener grass, no paradise city, nothing. Just endless pools of malicious rain water waiting to ruin all my shoes. The evil cars driving by give the evil rain water wings once more by flinging it at me....

Wherefore art thou vitamin D?
Do not let the title confuse you. This is not a blog about any of our sports teams. We all know I tend to be dramatic, but it is kind of hard not to feel that way when the sun has not shone for a week. A WEEK WITHOUT MY DAILY DOSE OF VITAMIN D. It's no wonder a sketchy TV commercial for a vitamin D supplement suggested that 50% of Canadian do not have the required daily amount of vitamin D in their system. Then again that advertisement comes on after midnight, on a Saturday. Need I say more? 

I know what a lot of you must be thinking.... 

That's right I am talking about feelings. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and anyone that doesn't like either category, feelings are important. Expressing them is just as important. Not in an unhealthy way but in a manner in which a healthy expulsion of all negativity is dispelled. In layman's terms: LET IT OUT MAN!

You may ask why? Why Zarish? Who do you think you are? Doctor Phil? Oprah? BARNEY? I say nay! Nay to the naysayers that is! I'll be honest with you all. I was one of those people that would avoid conflict, curl up in a hole and never talk about those wretched feelings. I am now telling you I was wrong and that really is not the answer. It's like finding a question on an exam you can't answer and instead of continuing to the next question you drop your pencil, raise a white flag and abandon the whole exam...

Then I discovered Tumblr, friends, and my father's punching bag. Tumblr makes me lol (have you been there? The endless supply of gifs literally makes my blog). Friends to laugh with and often laugh at myself with. My father's punching bag to imagine myself as Mohammad Ali beating the life out of my own current opponent. 

Now these are just my coping mechanisms. On a more serious note I would like to point out the Health and Wellness Centre for physical health issues. Every campus has a counselor that would try to help and since they are employed are legally bound to keep your information to themselves. 

Residence advisors are good options for those living on Res. Mothers are excellent options for those who have one and never considered talking to them.. Also music.

Just don't resort to the empathy from the Internet. We all know what happens when you bring your drama online. Soon a Facebook campaign will erupt with donations and spam requests all over the place. Then Twitter will join the brigade with hashtags a flying. Tumblr folk will just sit around making fun of everyone else and then three weeks later everyone will all shake their heads wondering how it all came to this.... So

ps. This week's swag shot is me lol. Yes I finally went there. I attempted to join the Halloween spirit.

Just chilling with Indiana Jones nbd

Stay beautiful and happy UTSC ! <3 


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