Monday, November 26, 2012

The lost art

As I sit here in my room on this gloomy Sunday afternoon there isn't much inspiration. I have a great story idea but it won't be possible to write it until next week so I'm just sitting here thinking about what to talk about today. It's been all weekend and there literally hasn't been one good idea that I have written down that I could actually consider using for this blog post.

You know what, I'm going to go for a walk and hopefully that will give me some inspiration...

Well, it was snowing outside and the sun just started to set as I made my way back home. As I walked out of my house with my headphones in my ears I noticed that the streets looked quiet. I decided to take my headphones out of my ears in hopes of being inspired by natural noises and sounds I hear. I overheard a few conversations about the Grey Cup and thought maybe if I finish this blog in time I can check it out and hopefully watch Toronto win something sports-related for once.

Cool people take pictures on their walks.

I also got a chance to reflect on my high school days and remember the passion I once had for spoken word. Although the work-load in University has made it impossible for me to write like I used to, I vividly remember the feeling of accomplishment after writing a piece, the way my friends and I jumped in awe of each other's work, the butterflies I got before performing my poems in front of the spoken word club ... it all came back to me. Then I thought about it and it came to me: I'm going to use my blog post as a match in order to re-light the burning passion I once had for this beautiful art.

So I'm going to post my favourite poem written by me and hopefully it will inspire you guys to do the same. Whatever it was that you stopped doing because of change, I want you to start it again. Even if it's for one day, maybe one day is all you need to get yourself back into it. Positive things only, please.

Confessions of a 17 year old senior

Let me state this now
so there’s no misinterpretation whatsoever
I’m soft
I don’t like to fight
I’m not looking to argue
I’d much rather get along with you then find ways to put you down
or make you subtly feel like I’m better than you
I don’t have a complex of needing to prove myself
I won’t disrespect women just to make me appear to be more manly
that’s not what i'm into
as corny as it sounds
as weak as it may appear
my purpose on this planet is not acquisition of material objects
or sexual conquest with as many partners as I possibly can persuade
it’s not to be this macho gun slingin’ cowboy that
drinks heavy, cusses loudly, and punches people in the mouth when offended
I’m here for three reasons
to follow my dreams
to become the greatest man that i can be
and to spread the message of love
simple as that.

Next week I'll be interviewing a special guest for a very special blog post, stay tuned!

Until next week,

Peace and love. 

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